Yūji Mahiru
Japanese Name 真昼 祐二 (マヒル)
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Unknown
Status Alive
Specialty Clubs
Occupation College student, CEO of venture capital company and traveler
Affiliation Beach (No.5→No.3) (formerly)
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 18
"So then, I shall stop running away and survive this once more."
—Mahiru in the manga Chapter 30

Yūji Mahiru (mistranslated as "Mahiro")




Before BorderlandEdit

Mahiru was a born entrepreneur who was able to gather and manage talents and clients when he was still studying in university. His venture capital company was so successful that he felt growingly empty watching his inflating fortune. Soon he abandoned his company and traveled around the world to search for the purpose of his own existence. He believed the reason that he could not find the answer even after being liberated from work was lacking the idea of life and death.


Mahiru's participated games besides Witch-Hunt is never detailed, but one can assume he manages his games quite well based on his ranking in the Beach society and the remainder of 30 days of visa valid time after surviving Witch Hunt (Ten of Hearts). After the Beach resort has collapsed, Mahiru decides to travel beyond the boundary of Tokyo for gathering more information about the Borderland by scooter and then on foot until there is no road for vehicle. What appears before him is disappointment because cities surrounding Tokyo are now complete wilderness. Before giving up his life by walking to Mount Fuji and never returning for anymore game, Mahiru discovers an animal corpse which possibly died falling from the cliff. He is so inspired by the sheer instinct to live of living beings and turns back for Tokyo.

During the second "face card" stage, Mahiru meets Kaito Kameyama the journalist. Together they find out the abandoned observation center of the dealers without any useful information. When they meet a woman who remembers the exact circumstance during immigration, the team is under attack of the King of Spades. Mahiru successfully escapes but not the others. Seven days after the start of the second stage, he triumphs the Queen of Clubs but again the game is not detailed.

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