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Yūji Mahiru is a character in Alice in Borderland. He’s a jack of all trades and has an impressive number of games under his belt.




Before Borderland

Mahiru was a born entrepreneur who was able to gather and manage talents and clients when he was still studying in university. His venture capital company was so successful that he felt growingly empty watching his inflating fortune. Soon he abandoned his company and traveled around the world to search for the purpose of his own existence. He believed the reason that he could not find the answer even after being liberated from work was lacking the idea of life and death.

Early Borderlands

Around the time he first arrived at the Borderlands, he met Keiichi Kuzuryū and stirred up a conversation with him, asking how long he’s been in the Borderlands for and talking about his soul searching, eventually getting lost in this world. That’s when they’re approached by The Hatter and Morizono Aguni, looking to recruit new members for The Beach, with a few people already recruited that would eventually become the executives.

The Beach

His participated games besides the Ten of Hearts is never detailed, but one can assume he manages his games quite well based on his ranking in the Beach society and the remainder of 30 days of visa valid time after surviving Witch Hunt (Ten of Hearts). By the time Ryōhei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi join the Beach, his ranking is at No. 5 and he’s part of the Idealist Sect.

Ten of Hearts

When the game first starts, he overhears Mira Kanō’s monologue about how Suguru Niragi was able to deftly plunge everyone into a state of chaos and violence. Like everyone else, he runs off when the murdering starts. He isn’t seen for the majority of the Witch Hunt, so it’s probable that he went into hiding. However, towards the end of the time limit, he came out of hiding and found Rizuna An unconscious. He bandages her wounds and attempts to help her regain consciousness, which works. When she tries to stumble up, he expresses concern at her injury, but she insists she must announce the identity of the witch to everyone. He supports her as they go into the lobby where the survivors are held. With An’s additional evidence, the game is cleared.


After the Beach resort has collapsed, Mahiru, An, Usagi, and Hikari Kuina have a conversation about their next course of action to take, as well as what the Borderlands could be in the first place. Mahiru hints at a theory: What if the lasers were installed at the Beach prior to the hotel being their base? Similarly, what if every setting around the city has around been configured as a venue ahead of time? If that’s the case, the Tokyo they’re in may not be the near future of the Tokyo they know. Essentially, the Borderlands is a giant mock Tokyo, which is a theory that Kuina dismisses. The conversation, while enlightening, really goes nowhere. As stated by Mahiru, the possibilities are too endless and they’re at the limits of human imagination. After Kōdai Tatta’s endeavor to uplift the spirits with the Lamborghini, he can be seen fishing and grilling, having a cheerful time alongside the other survivors. The next day, he decides to travel beyond the boundary of Tokyo for gathering more information about the Borderland by scooter and then on foot until there is no road for vehicle. After a goodbye, he begins his journey. With a few hours of travel, what appears before him is a disappointment because cities surrounding Tokyo are now complete wilderness. Before giving up his life by walking to Mount Fuji and never returning for anymore games, Mahiru discovers an animal corpse which possibly died falling from the cliff. He is so inspired by the sheer instinct to live of living beings and turns back for Tokyo. As dusk settles in, he emerges out of the wilderness and back into the city.

Second Stage

During the Second Stage, Mahiru meets Kameyama Kaito, the journalist. Together they find out the abandoned observation center of the dealers which doesn’t contain much useful information. However, they are directed by a player sheltering in the base to a woman who remembers the exact circumstances that led everyone to the Borderlands. When they arrive at the camp she was staying at, the team is under attack of the King of Spades. Mahiru successfully escapes.

Queen of Clubs

On the 7th Day of Exhibitions, he triumphs the Queen of Clubs. Unfortunately, the game is not detailed.

Queen of Hearts


After Borderlands





  • (To himself) "It's no easy thing to infer, we're at the limits of human imagination."[1]
  • (To himself) "So then, I shall stop running away and survive this once more."[2]
  • (To himself) "I also want to find out the answer with my own eyes, It's also for the sake of all those who died before me." [3]


  • He was in the Borderlands for at least 68 days, which is the highest confirmed sojourn of any character in the current immigration period.
  • After clearing the Queen of Clubs, his total visa days reached 32, which is also the highest confirmed visas any character has ever amassed at once.


Games Played

  1. Alice in Borderland, Chapter 29
  2. Alice in Borderland, Chapter 30
  3. Alice in Borderland, Chapter 57
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