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Two of Hearts
Difficulty 2
Category Hearts
Game Venue Train Yard
Status Cleared
Players Saori Shibuki
Unnamed Players (x2) 
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Two of Hearts was a game that took place at the train yard. It was completed by Saori Shibuki on her first day on sojourn.

Game Overview


Player Limit: 1 per train

Time Limit: None

Prize: None

Each train consists of 4 carriages. The game will not begin until each player boards a different train.


  • Only one player is allowed to board each train. Each train consists of 4 carriages.
  • One of the 4 rooms is filled with a lethal poisonous gas. If entered without a canister of oxygen, it is Game over.
  • Each player is given a gas mask and 3 cylinders of air and each cylinder provides 5 minutes worth of air.
  • Once a player enters a carriage, the door to the next carriage will not open for 5 minutes, meaning the player has to use up the canister no matter what. This essentially means each player will have to choose one carriage to enter without a mask, and hope that it isn’t the carriage that contains the poison.
  • It’s Game Clear if the player passes all 4 carriages.


In each carriage is a vase of flowers. In safe rooms, the flowers are blooming. In the room with the poison, the flowers are wilted and dead.


The carriage which contains the poison is the 4th and final carriage.


  • The purpose of this game is a malicious yet extremely simple test of psychology: is the player willing to risk their life just once in good odds, when the guarantee is safety is just within reach? In the Borderlands, one must constantly bet their lives. Those who do not have the courage to open a door without a mask do not have the will to survive, and they will be the ones who die in this game.
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