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Hunting Competition
Difficulty 2
Category Clubs
Game Venue Power Plant
Status Cleared
Players Unnamed Players
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Two of Clubs, known as Hunting Competition (Japanese:, lit.) is a game exclusive to the Netflix adaptation of Alice in Borderland, and was shown briefly during the Episode 5 montage. It was completed by multiple unnamed players.

Game Overview


  • In this game, players will be hunting down “it”.
  • It is GAME CLEAR if one of the players finds "it".
  • It is GAME OVER if the time limit is reached before “it” is found.


  • This game was one of three exclusive to the Netflix adaptation, and was shown in the Episode 5 montage.
  • Although the rules are never stated, it can be assumed they were as such.
  • The difficulty was never stated either, but it’s safe to assume this game was the Two of Clubs seeing as how the montage only featured games that were cards not yet collected.
  • This is the only confirmed game in the Netflix adaptation where no one has died.
  • In the English dub, the game was called “Borrowed Time”


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