Alice in Borderland Wiki
Theme Park
Difficulty 3
Category Spades
Game Venue Amusement Park
Status Cleared
Players Ginji Kyūma
Gōken Kanzaki
Uta Kisaragi
Sōgo Shitara
Takumi Maki
Dealers Bunny Mascot 
Tiger Mascot 
Puppet Mascot 

This game takes place in an amusement park. The game was completed by Ginji Kyūma and his followers on their first day of sojourn, approximately 5 months before Ryōhei Arisu’s time of immigration.

Game Overview


Player Limit: None

Time Limit: Unknown

Prize: None


  • It is Game Clear if the players can reach the exit without getting caught by the mascots.
  • It is Game Over if the mascots kill all players.


Each mascot is armed with a crossbow.


To divert attention away from his hiding injured friend, Kisaragi, who was about to be found by a mascot, Kyūma screamed a taunt at the top of his lungs. Using the distraction, he carried her to the exit where the other 3 were waiting, and they all cleared the game.


  • This was the last numerical game to be showcased.
  • This was the only game showcased that didn’t take place during the immigration period of Arisu and the other main players.
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