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Three of Clubs, titled Dead or Alive is a game that takes place in a GM building and is the first game introduced in the Netflix adaptation of Alice in Borderland. It was completed by Ryouhei Arisu, Chouta Segawa, Daikichi Karube, and Saori Shibuki.



  • Player Limit: None
  • Time Limit: 2 minutes
  • Starting Condition: All players must enter the elevator. The game officially begins once all players get off in the first room.


  • There are two doors in each room, one marked "Live" (生, lit. Life) and the other marked "Death". (死, lit. Death) One door leads to another room, and the other one will lead to death. The door for the room does not represent what the result will be.
  • The time limit starts at 2 minutes, but decreases by 10 seconds per room.
  • The current room bursts into flames once the time limit is reached.
  • All the doors are one-way, meaning players cannot go into rooms they've already been in.
  • It is GAME CLEAR for a player if they exit the building safely within the time limit.
  • It is GAME OVER for a player if they enter the wrong room or run out of time.


Every room is identical except for the position of the doors. Every room is also a perfect square, but with one divided into two rooms, one of them being the final room. Entering the wrong room will result in death via laser, and once the time limit is up, the room bursts into flames.


It is first believed that the game is a matter of sacrificing one another and simple luck. However, the correct door per room ultimately depends on the area and structure of the building. Arisu, with the help of the group, was able to figure this out. Recalling a certain car he saw on his way in, he estimated the length of the building to be 20 meters. Using the length of his feet, he measured the length of each room and divided it by the building's length, concluding that the venue is composed of 9 square rooms in a grid. Keeping the GAME CLEAR condition of leaving the building in mind, they were able to calculate which doors to choose based on the emergency escape map near the elevator.

Another unexplored potential solution would’ve been to slide a piece of paper under each door and see if it would get shot by the laser. Chouta was seen to be carrying a piece of paper, and the lasers have been shown numerous times to shoot any object that enters its radius. If this was an intended solution, it could explain why a seemingly hard logic game was a low Clubs instead of a Diamonds.


Three of Hearts Participants

Ryouhei Arisu

Ryohei Alice Season 1 Poster.jpg


Successfully exited the building

Daikichi Karube

Karube Season 1 Poster.jpg


Successfully exited the building

Chouta Segawa

Chota Season 1 Poster.jpg


Successfully exited the building

Saori Shibuki

Shibuki S1.jpg


Successfully exited the building

Unnamed Player

Three of clubs unnamed player.png


Entered the wrong room

Three of Hearts Answers

Room Answer Time Limit
Room 1 Death 00:02:00
Room 2 Live 00:01:50
Room 3 Death 00:01:40
Room 4 Death 00:01:30
Room 5 Death 00:01:20
Room 6 Live 00:01:10
Room 7 Live 00:01:00
Room 8 Death 00:00:10


  • The Three of Clubs game in the Netflix adaptation is completely altered from its manga counterpart, there aren’t any similarities between the 2 games in terms of environment or rules. This is likely due to the immense cost it would've been to have the millions of flaming arrows in CGI. However, a plot point remains the same;
    • Chota still receives the same leg injury from the original Three of Clubs game by getting his leg caught in the fire. In the manga counterpart, he gets his leg shot by a fire arrow.
  • In the series, the Three of Clubs was the first game played. Likewise, in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the Three of Clubs was the first card soldier to be seen. This is yet another Wonderland reference seen in the series.




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