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  • Player Limit: N/A
  • Time Limit: 2 hours
  • Prize: N/A
  • Starting Condition: All players must assemble in the lobby. However, the game can start even if some players haven't entered the lobby yet.


  • The evil witch who took Momoka Inoue's life is hiding among the players. The "witch" role is not limited to women.
  • It is GAME CLEAR when the players find the witch and burn them in the Fire of Judgement
  • It is GAME OVER when the witch hasn't been burned before the time limit.


In the back-side of the lobby, Momoka's dead body is laying on the floor. Although the players originally cooperated, the conflict between the idealists and militants got worse and eventually started a mass murder in the venue, as suggested by Last Boss. Aguni's wrath for the Beach took over him and agreed with the idea. The hotel then converted into a war zone between the two factions.


Momoka is the witch herself. All the players had to do to clear the game was to throw Momoka's body in the fire. The players had concluded this too late to revert the meaningless deaths, counting in 15 minutes left. This fact was obscured from everyone due to Arisu being locked up and Aguni's guilt being toyed by the citizens.


  • The manga counterpart of this game had way fewer players than the Netflix counterpart, counting approximately more than 100 players extra.


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