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Bingo in Match Factory
Difficulty 10
Category Clubs
Game Venue Match Factory
Status Cleared
Players Yuzuha Usagi
Unknown Player
Unnamed Players (x8) 

Ten of Clubs, known as Bingo in Match Factory (Japanese: マッチ工場でビンゴ Macchi Kojou de Bingo, lit. Bingo in the Match Factory) is a game exclusive to the Netflix adaptation of Alice in Borderland, and was shown briefly during the Episode 5 montage. This game was cleared by Yuzuha Usagi and an unnamed player.

Game Overview


  • There are 25 massive rooms total in a 5 × 5 grid. Like in standard bingo, the central space is free.
  • There is a number in each of the 24 rooms to find, and once the number is found it is added to the bingo card.
  • Players are given only 9 matchsticks each, so they must use them wisely.
  • It is GAME OVER for the players who have used up all their matches.
  • If all numbers found complete a row, column, or diagonal in a bingo sheet, it is GAME CLEAR for all surviving players.


The entire game venue is in complete and utter darkness, so using the matchsticks is completely necessary. If a player burns all 9 of their matchsticks, they’re lasered, as seen in the background during Usagi’s game.


  • This game was shown in the Episode 5 montage.
  • This game is one of 3 exclusive to the Netflix adaptation.
  • In the English dub, the game was called “Bingo Night at the Match Factory, and players had 8 matchsticks instead of 9.



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