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Suguru Niragi is one of the characters in Alice in Borderland. He is portrayed by Dori Sakurada.



Throughout the Series


Niragi is portrayed as a young yet dangerous militant member at The Beach. He is seen as being psychotic and displaying malicious tendencies towards others. Niragi abuses power when he is in a position of holding it which is shown through the way he uses means of violence and intimidation to get what he wants. In terms of empathy, he holds none and has little to no concern about the lives or wellbeing of others. In spite of his frightening attitude, due to past trauma with bullying during his school years, Niragi is insecure deep down and only seems to let this show when a person appears to not be intimidated or faltered by his maniacal actions. He is overall a very disturbing character and takes advantage of the dystopian state of the world everyone is currently in to display his malevolent desires.

Physical Appearance

Niragi is a man that has piercings on his tongue, nose, and brows. He usually is wearing a black and white patterned shirt throughout the whole series. His eyes are a dark brown and his hair is black.

Games Played


Season One