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Suguru Niragi
Suguru Niragi.jpg
Japanese name 韮木 傑
Romaji Niragi Suguru
Alias Niragi (ニラギ)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Status Alive
Specialty Diamonds
Occupation Game Engineer
Affiliation Player
Beach (No.4→No.2) (formerly)
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 17
"I will live on to be hated... then proudly fall into the hell."
—Niragi in the manga Chapter 54

Suguru Niragi is a character first appears in the Beach arc. A slightly psychotic and malicious man who carries a sniper rifle in the Borderland.




Before Borderland

Niragi was a victim of school bullying. One of the humiliation he suffered was hit as a baseball target and his bullies won points on which part of his body was struck. He was saddened to the point that he imagined someday he would submit an article about the "common DNA in those being hated" to some oversea academic committee. After leaving the school, he worked as a game engineer and underwent a makeover with piercings on his forehead, nose and tongue.

Borderland: First stage

Niragi is one of the earliest members of the Beach society lured by Boshiya. Probably inspired by Gandhi's motto quoted by Boshiya, Niragi is also determined to change himself to be the one who inflicts pains and hatred on others. Naturally, he joins Aguni's "martial sect" and is in charged of sniper in game (if weapon is permitted by the rule) so he can be reverenced.

Just before the Witch-Hunt game commenced in the Beach, Niragi bashes Arisu so hard and nearly rapes Usagi for attempted robbery of the Beach's cards. When the rule of the Witch-Hunt is explained, Niragi provokes the residents to believe that Asahi and Usagi are the biggest suspects which is completely random and does that to enjoy the scene. Soon after, Aguni orders his underlings to carry out massacre, Niragi tells his cohorts to drive the residents near the bonfire so he can snipe them there for easier incineration.

Chishiya, who detests Niragi because he looks like a mirrored-self to him, throws all stolen cards on Niragi to distract him and then burns his top half body with a handmade flamethrower. Niragi jumps into the swimming pool nearby to extinguish himself, but his skins are still severely burnt which he later applies lot of betamethasone ointment and ingests morphine to relieve his pain. Near the end of Witch-Hunt, he has totally lost his mind and sets fire to the whole Beach resort, supposedly all surviving Beach residents have safely evacuated except Last Boss.

Borderland: Second stage

Entering the second stage, Niragi waits outside the entrance of the King of Clubs for teaming other players to proceed. This surprises the arriving Arisu, Usagi, Kuina and Tatta, who reject Niragi for his atrocities in the Beach. Niragi forces his way by wearing the game bracelet which cannot be removed until victory. The rest has no choice but cooperates because Arisu wants to learn the answer from the hosting citizens. Being once a game engineer, Niragi provides an effective strategy to gain early advantage over the opposite team, but after the King of Clubs team proceeds a suicidal ambush which puts Arisu's team in an irreversible disadvantage, Niragi, believing he will die in this game, attempts another sexual assault on Usagi but this earns him Arisu's kick in his already wounded body. Eventually he wins at the cost of Tatta's sacrifice which he barely feels grateful and then wanders aimlessly alone.

When Niragi arrives at a church, we meets a dying man who failed to commit suicide. Niragi takes away his rifle and the bible but refuses to perform mercy-killing, letting the man die in agony. Excited to see Arisu and Chishiya together without noticing him, he shoots Chishiya's left shoulder so he suffers the pain instead of dying right away. Even though all 3 men are carrying firearms, Arisu declares that he will not shoot and bravely exposes himself from the cover. This action ruins Niragi's fantasy of having a person he can relate to. Suddenly Usagi approaches the group looking for Arisu. Niragi believes that Usagi has influenced Arisu to the wrong way and attempts to shoot her, but Chishiya pushes her aside and takes the attack. Niragi is shot by Arisu out of desperation.

Niragi does not die because the bullets used by Arisu is less lethal, but his body is in terrible shape. Arisu decides that he will clear the last game in hope of letting Chishiya and Niragi return to the original world for proper treatment.

Games Played

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