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Seven of Spades

King of Spades

Spades is one of the types of games played in the Alice in Borderland series. Spades means games of Physical Strength.

Spades games involve little intelligence or teamwork and focus solely on physical strength. Common attributes that these games test are speed, endurance, and dexterity. Spades games often involve combat, escape and navigation through hazardous venues, stealth, scaling, and sometimes even swimming. Many characters have been shown to bring outside weapons into these games as it is extremely helpful, especially when in combat.


Spades venues are very large, open, and hostile. There’s constant threats and little places to hide from said threats, whether they’re killers hunting the players down or extremely hazardous environments. Similar to Clubs, they take place primarily outside in some of the largest venues seen in the series. When they do take place in buildings, it’s often exposed to the outside (like the Five of Spades and Seven of Spades). These venues are by the most brutal and unrelenting out of all the suits.

Known Games


The following are characters whose specialty is Spades in order of appearance:


  • Spades has the highest number of characters with it as their specialty.