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Six of Spades
Difficulty 6
Category Spades
Game Venue Zoo
Status Cleared
Players Morizono Aguni
Suguru Niragi
Takatora Samura
Unnamed Players (x2) 
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This game takes place in a zoo. It was completed by Morizono Aguni, Suguru Niragi and Takatora Samura.

Game Overview


Player Limit: None

Time Limit: Unknown

Prize: None


  • Everyone is a zebra. In the arena where players are preyed on by different animals, the only choices are fight or flight.
  • It is Game Clear if all the predators are killed.
  • It is Game Over if all players are killed by the predators.


The wild animals that have to be killed includes, but isn’t limited to, hyenas, lions, and cheetahs.


Niragi pointed out that the game seemed too easy to be a Six of Spades. He had a rifle to assist him, and Samura was able to kill at least 6 predators using his sword. Aguni used his bare hands to take down a cheetah. With no restrictions on weapons, it was very practical to bring them in.


  • Aguni got his recognizable scar from this game while he was confronting a cheetah.
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