Six of Diamonds: Blackjack Edit

The six of diamonds is a venue in the borderlands that is a game of Blackjack between 5 people. This game also has a secondary prize of a pistol magazine. It was completed by Shuntarō Chishiya.

Rules Edit

Once all participants place a noose around their neck, the game begins. The time limit for this game is 1 hour. The game over conditions are as follows:

  • Time limit is reached
  • The loss of all your chips mid-game
  • Illegal transfer of chips
  • Illegal restraint

There is one win condition and that is only 1 player remaining before the time limit is reached.

If a player is found to be cheating partway through the game, each player's gun (minus the cheater) is allowed to fire. Each gun has 1 bullet but can be used to kill any person at the table.

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