Shuntarō Chishiya
Japanese Name 苣屋 駿太郎 (チシヤ)
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Status Alive
Specialty Diamonds
Occupation Medical College Student
Affiliation Beach (No.11→No.9) (formerly)
Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai (OVA)
Manga Debut Chapter 6
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"Human's heart... I just don't wanna learn about."
—Chishiya in the manga Chapter 27

Shuntarō Chishiya is a character appears early in the story. A ruthless medical student who would unscrupulously sacrifice other people to achieve his own goal.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Chishiya is mostly seen sneering even when he is angry unless he becomes emotional or regretful. He is calm, intelligent and highly manipulative which makes him a potential Hearts player. This allows him to triumph in games which require defeating other players. But because he declares himself uninterested in understanding other people's mind, Diamonds remain his preferred genre. Chishiya believes that humans are unconcerned and selfish, but his belief gradually changes after witnessing Arisu and Usagi's selfless acts.


Before BorderlandEdit

Chishiya's father worked in the medicine of unspecified specialty, they seldom chat because the father would concentrate before the computer among the mountains of medical books. Chishiya also implies the marriage of his parents was merely for securing the chief chair of their hospital. Lacking parental love, Chishiya followed his father's path to study in the medical school as a surgical intern. He wanted to find out if he truly cared about lives, but it turned out that he was uncaring as he secretly littered a letter of testament entrusted by a dying patient.


Chishiya first appears when Ryōhei Arisu and Daikichi Karube participate their second game, the Five of Spades, in the Borderland. He initially hides himself on the safest floor to observe the other players and the Horse Head's movements, only helps out when the situation is favorable for him to intervene. After the victory, he offers the clues about the Beach for Karube to follow.

Before the Five of Spades, he plays the Six of Diamonds, the "Blackjack", as his first ever game in which only 1 player is allowed to survive. Despite being ignorant of the rules before participation, Chishiya quickly gets the knack and cracks down on other players' cheatings.

Chishiya has arrived at the Beach before Arisu. He teams up with Arisu, Kuina and Usagi to steal all cards from the safe of the Beach society, but ultimately he only plans to escape with the cards alone because of the belief that only 1 person with the complete suit of cards would be allowed to depart the Borderland. Even though he is not necessarily aware of the lie, when he has been dragged into the Witch-Hunt game unwillingly, he no longer cares about collecting the cards and believes that Arisu will be able to solve the game successfully because Witch-Hunt is a Hearts game. Chishiya uses a handmade flamethrower to burn Niragi's top half body when the latter is carrying out massacre under Aguni's order. Regardless of Chishiya's motivation, this prevents anymore victim of Niragi's sniping.

After entering the second "face card" stage, Chishiya parts the Beach fellows and successfully clears the Jack of Diamonds and King of Diamonds. While reuniting with Arisu, he desires some word of comfort from Arisu, but is unexpectedly shot by the vengeful Niragi and later takes his another shot in Usagi's place. The bullets crush his organs and the medical facilities in Borderland are deemed insufficient to treat his injuries. Arisu is then determined to quickly clear the last game in hope of letting Chishiya and Niragi return to the original world for proper treatment.

When Arisu successfully cleared Queen of Hearts, Chishiya chose to refuse the permanent residency at Borderland. The players, including Chishiya was sent back to their world upon rejecting the offer. He was seen in the same hospital ward talking to Niragi Suguru at the end.

Games PlayedEdit

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