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Boiling Death
Difficulty 7
Category Spades
Game Venue Baseball Stadium
Status Cleared
Players Akane Heiya
Tsuyaruki Hatta 
Unnamed Players (x5) 

This game takes place in a massive baseball stadium, and was one of the most brutal, sadistic games to be cleared. It was completed by Akane Heiya on her first day of sojourn.

Game Overview


Player Limit: None

Time Limit: Until the venue is destroyed

Prize: None

Prior to the start of the game, a massive laser fires down from the sky, creating the crater which spews out the water.


  • Shortly after all players arrive to the pitch, the game begins. A massive geyser, full of boiling water, erupts and destroys the stadium.
  • It is Game Clear if the players can escape the venue before it is destroyed.
  • It is Game Over if all players die or if the venue fully collapses before they escape.


During the eruption, tens of thousands of liters of boiling water are ejected hundreds of feet into the air. In the ensuring aftermath, it floods the stadium which causes it to begin collapsing, making escape extremely dangerous. All 6 players except for Heiya were instantly killed upon the eruption.


One thing Heiya did was use a hot water pipe to cauterize a wound she received from when she got impaled by metal wiring, which is smart. However, she did attempt to drink the water, which she immediately had to spit out. While it is true that spring water is safe to drink and could even be more purified than tap water in some regions, geyser water is different from spring water, because it comes from significantly deeper in the ground, where there’s harmful minerals. In addition, the water has been sitting atop the ruins of the the venue for several minutes now, and could be contaminated with melted plastics, cleaning agents, and rock debris. Hydration is key in this game. There are essentially no sage ways to collect water, so the only thing that can be done is minimize water loss. Sweat should not be wiped down, or else the cooling process will take longer. Breathing deeply and slower cools the body down too. Heiya climbed through an air duct, but when she emerged, she decided to jump down since it was a dead end. This choice was reckless, and resulted in her losing her leg. What she could’ve done was climb on top of the vent instead of jumping down. In her final stretch, to keep track of her direction, she could also look at the blood trail that she was leaving.


  • Many people have said that the difficulty was way too difficult to warrant only a seven. In truth, had the players have began running towards the exit the moment the rules were finished being announced, the survival rates would’ve been much higher.
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