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The Second Stage is the second phase of games in the Borderlands. It begins after the interval, once either all 40 pip cards have been obtained by the players or if the dealers killed all the players through the games. The second stage was cleared on the 7th day.


The Second Stage is vastly different compared to the first. By now, new people stop arriving at the Borderlands. Dealers and players no longer coexist, as only the victorious party remains and now they must face against the citizens in the 12 face cards: Jack, Queen, and King. The only way players can clear any face card game is if the supervising citizen(s) all die, in which case it is Game Clear for the players. If the supervising citizen kills all the players who entered the game, it’s Game Over.

Games can be initiated at any time of the day besides just after sunset. In addition, players are also notified of what difficulty the game is through massive blimps that fly over the respective game venue. The only thing that remains ambiguous are details and rules about the game. An outlier of this is the King of Spades, which takes place throughout all of the Borderlands at all times without the consent of the players or explaining any rules. Should the players clear the game, the card hung by the blip disappears and its replaced with a giant “GAME CLEAR” message.

Visas are still in effect during the Second Stage. Jack, Queen, and King games reward 11, 12, and 13 days of allowance respectively.

During Ryōhei Arisu’s immigration, the Second Stage lasted 7 days. After the second to last face card game was cleared, an announcement rang out signifying to all players that only one game was left. If players/dealers are able to beat all 12 face cards, a large fireworks display and congratulations ensues. It is unknown what happens if citizens kill all remaining players/dealers. Following the celebration, they get to choose to either continue these games as a citizen of the Borderlands or return back to earth, with all their memory of this world lost. After making their decision, their surroundings gradually fade, and each person meets the Joker, the true game master. He asks the player who they think he is. After answering, they arrive back on earth within their conscious body.


Day 1

Day 2

Nothing of note occurs on this day.

Day 3

  • The Queen of Spades is cleared.
  • Kuina splits up with Usagi and Arisu, the latter of whom has vowed to never go into another game again.
  • The Jack of Clubs is cleared by Gentle Girl, an unnamed child, and a few other unnamed players.

Day 4

  • Arisu and Usagi migrate to the edges of the 23 wards.
  • A brief rainstorm hits, signifying the coming of a typhoon.

Day 5

  • During the daytime, Shīrabi massacres 17 players intending to kill him, all within just a few minutes.Hayato Dōdō flees as the only survivor and meets Morizono Aguni.
  • The typhoon makes landfall.
  • The Jack of Hearts commences.

Day 6

Day 7

  • Dōdō meets Akane Heiya in the morning, and they confront Shīrabi once more before reuniting with Aguni. The trio retreats to a supermarket.
  • The Queen of Clubs is cleared by Yūji Mahiru.
  • The Jack of Spades is cleared by Hikari Kuina.
  • Niragi confronts Chishiya and Arisu, forcing them into Exhibition Game: Battle Royale. It ends with Niragi and Chishiya in critical condition.
  • The King of Spades is cleared by Morizono Aguni, after an intense confrontation with the help of Dōdō and Heiya.
  • An important announcements rings out notifying all remaining players only one game remains.
  • The typhoon dissipates, and the sun finally comes out once more.
  • All the major characters reunite next to the final venue and take some time to have a good laugh and catch up, before debating the circumstances and deciding who should be the ones to go into the game.
  • The Queen of Hearts is cleared by Ryōhei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi.
  • All Face Card games are cleared. All players now decide whether to accept or refuse residency.