Saori Shibuki

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Saori Shibuki
Saori Shibuki.png
Japanese name 紫吹 小織
Romaji Shibuki Saori
Alias Shibuki (シブキ)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color
Status Deceased: Decapitated by explosive collar after losing Seven of Hearts
Specialty None
Occupation Office clerk
Affiliation Player
Voice Actor Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese)

Rachael Messer (English)

Manga Debut Chapter 1

Saori Shibuki (紫吹 小織 Shibuki Saori) is a player.



In the manga, Shibuki was shown to be blunt and impatient yet quite pragmatic. When first meeting the trio in the Three of Clubs, she was initially very disdained at the fact that she would have to work with high schoolers on their first game, but her cooperation with Karube carried the group.

She showed great compassion towards the group, and the four of them grew quite close during their few days together. She naturally cared a lot about the well-being of others, having been genuinely worried about Chouta’s injury and the Three of Clubs game. In the first few chapters, her role within the group was to provide insight about the Borderlands. She didn’t have a specified specialty, but it likely would’ve been Clubs.

However, she was emotionally weak, just like Chouta. Her Two of Hearts game completely wrecked her mentally, and the build up of her emotional trauma caused her to become snappy at Arisu and Karube near the end of her visa. But in the Seven of Hearts game, she had the courage and selflessness to stand down from Arisu’s offer, and die to let him, someone she barely knew, live on for her.



  • The name Saori means "small" (小) (sa) and "weave, weaving" (織) (ori).
  • Saori's surname Shibuki means "purple, violet" (紫) (shi) and "blow, breathe, puff, emit, smoke" (吹) (fuki/buki).

Games Played

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Games played by Shibuki
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Two of Hearts Three of Clubs Seven of Hearts 
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