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Sōgo Shitara was a citizen in the Borderland

Sōgo Shitara
Japanese name 設楽 颯胡
Romaji Shitara Sōgo
Alias Shitara (シタラ)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color
Status Deceased: Lasered during King of Clubs
Specialty Diamonds
Occupation Musician
Affiliation Citizen
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 33


Shitara has a slanted bowl haircut and a Japanese Van Dyke beard style.


Shitara has a generally calm and easy-going nature and is possibly the next most intelligent member in his team next to Kyūma. He also seemed to express the greatest level of understanding of Kyūma's thoughts and habits in his team.


As a Player

Five months before Arisu's arrival. Sōgo cleared the Three of Spades on the first day with the rest of the band

Following the end of the second stage. He, alongside the rest of the group, decided to stay in the Borderland as citizens.

King of Clubs

As declared at the beginnig, he was the creator of the game of Osmosis. But having never seen the game in action before he had no premonition of how the game would turn out.

In the midst of the King of Clubs game. Along with Kyūma, Kanzaki and Maki, they plan to attack Arisu's team base and try to reach for it at the same time. However, Shitara is caught in a Battle with Kōdai Tatta, causing his points to fall below zero. Once the transfer of points was successful and Shitara relayed his parting words to Kyūma, a laser gun emerged from the blimp fired a shot through his head.