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This article is about the manga character Ryōhei Arisu. For the Netflix character, see Ryōhei Arisu (Netflix).

Ryōhei Arisu (有栖 良平 Arisu Ryōhei) is the protagonist of Alice in Borderland. His specialty is playing heart games.


Arisu is shown to have long-medium length, bluish-black/darkish blue/black hair that is extremely messy and spiky. He also has light neon violet/blue colored eyes. His skin is pale colored and he’s usually seen wearing his high school uniform (a white long-sleeved shirt with a red t-shirt inside and a blue-colored pants with a light soil colored belt with pale aquamarine sneakers)


A 3rd-year high school student with the hidden potential to be an amazing analyzer, he is able to look at things from afar and checks every detail he can find. He keeps track of everything in the he learns to find a way to put an end to this twisted game. Though he still has a long way to go, he further develops his Borderland abilities, a place where games and human lives are no different. His deep observational skills is a consistent, recurring element that helps him throughout all of his games.

He is often compared to his younger brother by his father, resulting in his lack of self-confidence and pent up frustration. He would often daydream and wish that he and his friends would go far away from reality, from his overly demanding father and stuck up younger brother. Though he is shamed for being dumb, he actually is quite intelligent in terms of street smarts, not academic smarts. However, his intelligence does have a limit.

Regardless of his father, he's able to enjoy life and forget all of his worries when he's with his two best friends, Chota Segawa and Daikichi Karube, both of which are with him in Borderland. When he’s with them, he’s able to be very silly and carefree. Whenever he loses his sanity to the games, he always thinks of his friends, their sacrifices, and his promise to them.

However, Arisu is capable of being extremely selfish, and that is mainly due to the little attention and love he received as a child. He thought that he would be incapable of giving love since he never received it, and his trauma gradually manifested through his time in the Borderlands. He was angry at Yuzuha Usagi when she rejected his advances, got his friends together to attempt to clear the King of Clubs on the First Day of Exhibitions due to how desperately he seeked the answer, and paired Usagi with the man who raped her, Suguru Niragi, all because he was afraid to endure the ensuing awkwardness of being paired together with her. Everything he did was about him, and he always thought of himself. For a long time, he never realized this. It wasn’t until Ginji Kyūma talked to him mentally, and Niragi savagely teared into all his flaws, that he finally realized how selfish he was. After that moment, he began working on himself, wanting to change. He began to consider that it wasn’t always what he wanted to do, but what others wanted to do to. In the end, he said without the slightest hesitation to Usagi in the Queen of Hearts that she is who kept him afloat, and he would be willing to lay down his life without a single moment of hesitation.

After arriving back on Earth, Arisu had a new sense of determination. He wanted to live life to the fullest, and carry on his friends. He wanted to go to college, and get a good job. From that day on, he started to commit to what he wanted to do.


  • His character is based off of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Arisu is the Japanese pronunciation of “Alice”.
  • Counting games only from the main series, he is tied with Usagi for having the most confirmed games cleared; a grand total of 7.
  • Counting games from the entire franchise, he is the character with the most games cleared; a grand total of 8.


  • (To Aguni Morizono) "Don't you dare look down on us that are there still struggling to survive!"