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Rizuna An
An Rizuna.png
Japanese name 安 梨鶴奈
Romaji An Rizuna
Alias Ann (アン)
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color
Status Alive
Specialty Diamonds
Occupation Metropolitan Police Forensic Scientist
Affiliation Player
Beach (No.6→No.4) (formerly)
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 15
"The hope you entrusted to me, I will make sure it comes true."
—An in the manga Chapter 24

Rizuna An (安 梨鶴奈 An Rizuna) is a character first appears in the Beach arc. She is a woman who is trusted for her wisdom in solving the difficult puzzles in the games.


One notable thing about her appearance are her sunglasses, which she has on almost constantly, even in doors. She has light, waist-length hair with braids that wrap around her hair and bangs covering her forehead. During the Interval and start of the Second Stage, her head was wrapped in bandages due to the head wound she received in the 10 of Hearts.


Like Chishiya, An displayed a perpetual sense of calm, even in tense situations. However, dire situations can cause even her to become uneasy and rash. She is a well-spoken, intelligent, and pragmatic idealist who doesn’t believe in violence.


Before Borderlands

Not much is told about her past before entering the Borderland except that she was a forensic scientist in the police department, specialized in fingerprint analysis.

The Beach

She is the very first few players convinced by Hatter to establish his utopia, the Beach. When the Beach society is divided into 2 sects, An is seemingly following Hatter's "idealistic sect", instead of Agni's. During this time, not much is shown, but she was very shaken during Hatter’s massacre of traitors prior to him enacting the third rule. When Ryōhei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi join the Beach, her rank is #6.

Four of Diamonds

In her debut game, the Four of Diamonds, An calmly comes up with a perfect solution almost instantly when all 3 of her teammates panicking because of imminent death. With her knowledge, they clear the game and obtain the final Diamonds card needed. After the game, she is notified by her friend, much to her shock, that Hatter and Kuzuryū are not only dead, but murdered.

10 of Hearts

When Witch-Hunt begins and Agni ruthlessly orders the members of his martial sect to kill all Beach residents, An is looking for superglue which contains cyanoacrylate to help bake the murdering knife for fingerprints. When Hikari Kuina joins, she explains that evaporating the fumes of the glue will bring the moisture of fingerprints up. From there, she can dust cocoa powder on the knife as well as commonly used items from obvious suspects. After enough comparing, they’ll be able to solve the game diplomatically and rationally. Suddenly, her close friend is killed by Last Boss but Kuina defends her, buying her time to escape to a room with required equipment. The fingerprints on the knife handle show that the knife was carried in the opposite direction, which means the "Witch", Momoka Inoue, committed suicide, not homicide, making her the Witch. In her moment of revelation, she recklessly exits her room to reveal the truth of Witch-Hunt, but is struck in the head severely by a militant. Luckily the wound is not fatal and she was not thrown into the bonfire. Just before the game is about to end, An is woken up and carried by Yūji Mahiru to Agni and verify Arisu's deduction of the Witch's identity.


When the Beach resort is destroyed in fire, she regroups with Usagi, Kuina, and Mahiru to discuss about theories of the Borderlands and next possible actions with the cards lost. Usagi suggests the existence of God as a theory of how the Borderlands came to be, and An accepts the theory as a possibility. When questioned by Kuina about why she as a scientist is turning to religion, she wisely says that it is narrow minded to believe the 2 are at odds. Later, she joins the temporary group of Beach survivors in their vigil and continues to stay with them while the group unwinds and haves some fun. She was shown to win a game of chess against Kuina without even playing attention. During the unveiling of the citizens, she was cynical, but not surprised.

Second Stage

By now, only her, Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, Mahiru, Kōdai Tatta, and 7 unnamed people remains at the start of the Second Stage. After the initial attack from the King of Spades, 4 were killed, and she and 3 other survivors were separated from Arisu. Later that day, they were able to clear the Queen of Diamonds. After that they simply hide until only the Queen of Hearts game remains.

Queen of Hearts

An heads towards the last arena and reunites with her former allies. She also volunteers to be the pioneer of the last game, but loses at rock-paper-scissors to Arisu and Usagi.

After Borderlands

An safely returns to the real world who has her memory of the Borderline wiped out. She discusses with Mahiru in the hospital canteen about the hypothesis of collective near-death experience.

Alice on Border Road

An later is revealed to be a subject participated in the survey about their vague experiences in the Borderland in Alice on Border Road carried out by Gamon Kanō.


Ryōhei Arisu

Their relationship was never expanded on too much, but it’s obvious that they highly trust each other’s judgment, especially on logical matters.


When first joining the Beach, An pledged her loyalty to Hatter’s faction instead of Aguni’s, because it’s more in line with her idealist personality and of her disdain for violence.

Yūji Mahiru

The 2 spoke every now and again in the manga. They both have similar personalities in terms of their idealism and pragmatism. An was extremely grateful for him finding her during the 10 of Hearts and helping her recover. However, after the events of the Borderlands, she and Mahiru meets in the hospital cafeteria and they proceed to share an extremely philosophical discussion on death, and the experience of it, even hinting at the theory of the Borderlands during the conversation. It is likely they remained friends after that encounter.

Hikari Kuina

Prior to the 10 of Hearts, they never were shown together or talking. However, after their experience during the 10 of Hearts and how Kuina risked her life to save An so she can clear the game, the 2 became friends.


I don’t believe in violence. My ideals lie only in science.

It is narrow minded to think that science and faith are at odds.


  • The name Rizuna means "pear" (梨) (ri), "crane, stork" (鶴) (tsu/zu) and "apple tree" (奈) (na).
  • Rizuna's surname An means "peace, quiet" (安).

Games Played

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