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Difficulty Queen
Category Hearts
Game Venue Rose Garden
Status Cleared
Players Ryōhei Arisu
Yuzuha Usagi
Citizens Mira Kanō 

The Queen of Hearts, also known as Croquet, is the last game to be completed in the Borderlands. It is overseen by Mira Kanō, and was beaten on the seventh day of Exhibitions. Like the Ten of Hearts, what made the game difficult weren’t the rules, but the circumstances surrounding the games. It was beaten by Ryouhei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi.

Game Overview


Player Limit: None

Time Limit: None

Unlike all other face card games, there is not only no player or time limit, but there is no prohibition of bringing external weapons or tools.


Outside of standard Croquet regulations, there are no rules.

  • Should the players play 3 sets of croquet according to regulations through to completion, it’s Game Clear.
  • If the players retire, it’s Game Over.


The game, in concept, is bafflingly easy. What made the game difficult was how Ryōhei Arisu’s desire to find the answer was exploited. Using tea that was drugged with a powerful hallucinant, Mira almost killed both Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi.


After the first gaslighting, Arisu should’ve understood how dangerous Mira could be and stopped his pursuit of the answer. In this game of croquet, she is the biggest threat, but is completely avoidable. The best course of action to take is to finish all 3 sets of croquet without taking any breaks or talking to Mira.


  • The rules allow for a loophole which Mira attempts to exploit: should she get the players to kill her, the game wouldn’t be cleared nor over, leading to it being unclearable and all remaining players having no choice but to wait for their visa to expire. This is why weapons were allowed.
  • This game is extremely unique compared to almost all other works of fiction, because the reader is manipulated and gaslit just as much as Arisu is, leading to an extremely psychologically tense and confusing experience.
  • The Queen of Hearts and game of croquet were both based off of Alice in Wonderland.
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