Alice in Borderland Wiki

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Major players

Players (プレイヤー) are people who take part in the game in the Borderland. They are people from the original world who, after a collective near-death experience, are sent to the Borderland and forced to play life-risking games in order to return to the real world.

Alice in Borderland

In Alice in Borderland, players are victims of the "Tokyo Meteorite Disaster" who suffered cardiac arrest and their consciousness ended up in the Borderland. They all come to the Borderland as "immigrants" and are forced to extend their visa that allow them to stay alive in the Borderland. Each player's visa is extended one day according to the difficulty of the game they "clear" (survive). If a player's visa expires, they are killed by lasers from the sky.

In order for a player to participate in a game, they must "register" before the cut-off time by entering the designated game zone that changes every night, being impossible to leave until clearing the game. Upon entering, the rules of the game are explained by screens and each player is often provided with items necessary for the game. The games are divided according to their category and their difficulty, designated by a poker card. The number represents the difficulty being more difficult the higher the number, while the suit represents the type of game that will be played: spades (physical), diamonds (intelligence), clubs (cooperation) and hearts (psychological). Players tend to be classified according to the type of game that is their specialty.

The players oppose the dealers and citizens to clear the games. Dealers are immigrants who set up the 40 "pip card" games and extend their visas when all the players of a game die or they die if their game is cleared. The "first stage" ends when all 40 pip card games are cleared, resulting in the death of all dealers, or all players receive a game over. In the "second stage", the 12 citizens set up games of "faced cards" that the surviving players must clear to survive, resulting in the death of the citizens. Since players are unaware of their existence during the first stage, dealers and citizens can infiltrate between them and pretend to be players, even participating in games. 

Once all the 52 games are cleared, the survivor players are allowed to choose between gaining a residency and becoming citizens of the Borderland or to refuse and return to the living world. 

Alice on Border Road

In Alice on Border Road, the players are two groups of people who end up in the Borderland by two isolated events that coincidentally occur at the same time. The first is a group of five military officials gathered to stop their hearts and find Kīna Sano in the Borderland, who was in a coma and was the only one who knew the location of a bomb she had planted in Tokyo. The second are six people who suffered a traffic accident caused by Shū Ajiki in his attempt to assassinate Michiyoshi Yura.

Each player awakes in a desolated Kyoto carrying a poker card corresponding to the 12 "face cards". Their game consists of taking their respective card from Kyoto to the exact point in Tokyo where they suffered their near-death experience instead of in different locations to collect all the cards.

Alice in Borderland Retry

In Alice in Borderland Retry, eight years after returning from the Borderland, Ryōhei Arisu suffers another near-death experience while trying to save five other people from being crushed by a fallen billboard. The six then arrive at the Borderland as players.