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Earth Invasion
Difficulty 9
Category Hearts
Game Venue Nations Theme Park
Status Cleared
Players Ryōhei Arisu
Masatsugu Kitō
Himari Horikawa
Nanase Onoue 
Yuzuru Horikawa 
Naomichi Taiga 

Nine of Hearts, known as Earth Invasion is a game featured in Alice in Borderland Retry. It was completed by Ryōhei Arisu, Masatsugu Kitō, and Himari Horikawa.

Game Overview


  • The game is played in 6 rounds, with each round having a 10-minute time limit. Upon time limit, the whole venue will be "invaded by aliens" per round. In order to survive an alien invasion, the player must hide in a refuge pod before the time limit of that round.
  • A player who cannot enter the refuge pod will face alien invasion, and it means Game Over for that player.
  • Each pod has a maximum capacity.
  • In order to gain access to a pod, each player's phone must use up a "Life" card received from another phone.
  • There are 7 phones for each participant, and each phone displays 6 Life cards and 1 Death card, and 6 avatars representing 7 individuals in this game minus the one that phone is designated to. Drag the card icon to the avatar icon to give that card to that individual. The recipient's phone shows what card it receives, but does not show who gives the card.
  • If an individual is defeated in the alien invasion (their phone does not receive a valid Life card to proceed to the next round), their avatar will no longer be able to receive any more card.
  • Receiving a Death card will nullify one Life card received.
  • An individual's phone can receive more than one card from different phones.
  • Each round a phone can only deal one single Life card. Death card is independent from Life cards and can be dealt at any time.
  • All 7 Life/Death cards must be dealt before the conclusion of this game in order to claim victory.
  • "This is a game designed for those who wants their loved one to live will guarantee their survival. In the face of the alien invasion, please protect those you cherish."
  • It is GAME CLEAR if players deal all of their cards before the end.
  • It is GAME OVER for a player if they aren't able to enter a pod in time.
  • It is not mentioned in the rules directly, but punishable actions are such as:
    • Violence towards another player
    • Attempting to enter a pod without a valid LIFE card.


Each hall's theme was based on countries, even replicating it's temperatures, as shown in the Russia replica.


The disintegrated body shown at the start was a replica, and as such meant to receive the death cards from the players during the voting time. The capacity of a pod is increased in each round from 1 player to 3 players, therefore making a GAME CLEAR situation where all players pass is possible in this game.

The lines "This is a game designed for those who wants their loved one to live will guarantee their survival. In the face of the alien invasion, please protect those you cherish." foreshadowed the possibility of this situation, as all the participants have an acquaintance to survive for. (Ryohei Arisu to Yuzuha Usagi, Himari Horikawa to Yuzuru Horikawa, Masatsugu Kitou to Nanase Onoue) The only exception for this is Naomichi Taiga, in which he has no acquaintance paired to him, but has a desire to take down the others if the group plans to take him down.


The winner of each round is in bold.

Hall Life Cards Used Death Cards Used Deaths
Hall 1: New York
Nine Of Hearts Venue 1.png
Ryōhei Arisu --> Naomichi Taiga
Naomichi Taiga --> Ryōhei Arisu


  • This is the only game in the Alice in Borderland series to not reward a VISA, and instead reward the freedom to return to the original world instantly.



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