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This article is about King of Spades game, otherwise known as Survival. Click here for the King of Spades played in the previous immigration period. Click here for the King of Spades person, Isao Shīrabi.

Difficulty King
Category Spades
Game Venue The Borderlands
Status Cleared
Players 253 Players
Citizens Isao Shīrabi 

King of Spades, also known as Survival, is by far the toughest and most ludicrous game in the series. It is unique to all other games primarily because there is no specific venue acting as the game arena. Rather, the whole Borderland itself is the arena, meaning any player not participating other game is automatically participating the King of Spades. It was cleared by Morizono Aguni (Agni).

It is not entirely clear whether the visa expiry date of any player not participating another game continues to count down or not, but most players assume it is even though technically they are all participating the King of Spades game. The visa extension upon victory is also only granted to the one player who kills the King of Spades, i.e. Agni, despite the active contributions from Hayato Dōdō and Akane Heiya.


As said previously, the King of Spades is extremely unique from all other games because there is no designated venue for the game, with the entirety of the Borderlands acting as its venue. In fact, Shīrabi can even go into the woods beyond the city edge, meaning it is also the only game to take place outside the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo. However, wherever he goes, his blimp follows, giving his relative location away as some small leeway towards players.

Around the 6th day of Exhibitions, a heavy typhoon made landfall, flooding many parts of the city. It is unknown if the King of Spades was the cause of this, but the storm did stop right after Shīrabi was killed.

Game Overview


While the rules were never explained, remaining players quickly assumed they were as follows:

  • If a player kills the King of Spades, Isao Shīrabi, it’s Game Clear.
  • If all players are killed by the King of Spades, Game Over.


The game began immediately after the start of the Second Stage. Shīrabi is a veteran mercenary which means he is skilled at many kinds of military weapons and strategies. He is free to roam around the Borderland to hunt for his victims. He has access to all sorts of weapons, including rifles, guns powerful enough to shoot through layers of metal, flamethrowers, and even bombs. At any point, he can deposit more materials by ordering them from his card blimp, and they’re momentarily dropped down to him in a parachute. He even rides on his blimp to attack from above unexpectedly. In addition, Shīrabi wears a bullet proof vest and fireproof mantle, and is equipped with a positioning device which allows him to know the locations of all players, even in a building. To make navigation even more difficult, a powerful typhoon made landfall a few days into the Second Stage. His positioning device is something that Ryōhei Arisu and Dōdō both quickly realize after escaping Shīrabi's attacks.


Shīrabi prefers to attack players who gather closely in order to cause greater death toll in a short time. This revelation was made by Arisu, especially after witnessing his relentless attack on just the first day. In response, he and Yuzuha Usagi hid near the edge of the 23 wards. It doesn’t need to be said that the King of Spades is extremely dangerous. Players assume that he won’t go into the woods in the edge of the Borderlands, but he does, and even used a flamethrower to burn part of it down when hunting Aguni and Dōdō.


The best place to hide from Shīrabi would be near the highest floor of a building that’s near several others, close to the edge of the 23 wards. Wherever he goes, his blimp follows, so the sky needs to be checked every hour. It’s also best to stay with only 2 or 3 others. It’s always good to have others to rely on, but there can’t be too many as he’s more likely to want to pick off larger groups. With this position, should he come from above, then everyone can evacuate by running down. Ideally, there can also be traps. Should he come from below, everyone can climb onto the roof and access the other buildings run. Engaging in battle with him indoors is suicide. If there are any hallways and stairs, he’ll use the opportunity to shoot anyone running down it. Because of his tracker, there’s no point in hiding. The only sensible thing to do if caught by him is to just run. When running, it’s best to run erratically to avoid his fire, but running too erratically can be slow. The ideal place to retreat is a place indoors with lots of cover and shelter, like a library, grocery store, or hospital.


Aguni took down Shīrabi by charging at him, and still charging even after he’s been sprayed with bullets. Obviously, not everyone is capable of this. Similar to hiding, players hunting down the King of Spades shouldn’t gather in large groups because traveling stealthily and efficiently will take too long, and he will just pick the group off. Shīrabi has a ski mask at all times, but it doesn’t protect his eyes. Eye irritants like paper spray and hand sanitizer can and should be used to subdue him. Due to his vest, killing him conventionally with gunshots or a knife won’t work. Heiya was able to destroy his tracker, and that’s the biggest priority when hunting him down as that opens the opportunity of ambush. To kill him, the viable options are limited: crafted bombs, chemical weapons, making him fall from a great height, or landing a shot through his ski mask openings. Players have the advantage of numbers, and should use it wisely.


  • Out of all the games, the King of Spades had the highest player participation count and the highest death count.
  • This was the 11th face card game to be cleared.
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