The King of Spades, also known as Survival, is by far the toughest game in Alice in Borderland. It is unique to other known games primarily because instead of a specific facility acting as the game arena, the whole Borderland itself is the arena of the King of Spades, excluding other game arenas not yet cleared by the players. This means any player not participating other game is automatically participating the King of Spades. It was completed by Morizono Aguni.

It is not entirely clear whether the visa expiry date of any player not participating another game continues to count down or not, but most players assume it is even though technically they are all participating the King of Spades game. The visa extension upon victory is also only granted to one player, i.e. Aguni, who has delivered the fatal blow on the hosting citizen, despite the active contributions from Hayato Dōdō and Akane Heiya.

Rules Edit

The only win condition is defeating the King of Spades, Isao Shīrabi. The only loss condition is being killed by the king.

Shīrabi is a veteran mercenary which means he is skilled at many kinds of military weapons and strategies. He is free to roam around the Borderland to hunt for his victims. He even rides on the blimp of his own card to attack from above unexpectedly. To make things even more hellish, Shīrabi is equipped with a positioning device which simply allows him to know the locations of all players even in a building. A fact that Ryōhei Arisu quickly realizes after escaping Shīrabi's initial attack. Just as Arisu has expected, Shīrabi prefers to attack players who gather closely in order to cause greater death toll in a short time.