King of Diamonds: Keynesian Beauty Contest Edit

The King of diamonds is the hardest diamonds game. It is run by an international lawyer and former no.3 in the Beach Keiichi Kuzuryū. It was a game of Keynesian Beauty Contest between 5 people: Keiichi KuzuryūShuntarō Chishiya, Benzo Yashige, Hinako Daimon, and Takashi Asuma. It was completed by Shuntarō Chishiya.

Rules Edit

Round 1 (all players still alive)

  • Choose a number between 0 and 100 in 1 minutes.
  • The number average will be shown, it will be multiplied by 0.8, then it will be rounded.
  • Person who choose a number closer with the result is the winner.
  • The loser will get -1 point.

Round 2 (only 3 players left)

additional rules added in the game.

  • If there is 2 people or more choose the same number, the number they choose become invalid.
  • If there is a person who choose a correct number, the loser will get -2.

Round 3 (only 2 players left)

additional rules added in the game.

  • If someone choose 0, person who choose 100 is the winner.

Game over for person with score -10, the winner is one person who left standing.

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