King of Clubs: Osmosis Edit

The king of clubs is the most difficult clubs game and is run by Kyuuma Ginji and his four associates(Kanzaki Go'oken, Kisaragi Uta,Shitara Sougo and Maki Takumi). It was completed by Ryouhei Arisu, Hikari Kuina, Yuzuha Usagi and Suguru Niragi.

Rules Edit

  • No participant may bring in any weapon to the venue.
  • Each team consists of 5 players and the time limit is 2 hours.
  • Both teams start with 10000 points and a base.
  • At the start of the game, each team distributes their points among their players with a minimum of 100 points.
  • Upon touching an opposing player, a battle begins at which point you learn how many points the 2 players have and the player with less points is shocked, and transfers 500 of their points to the player who had more points. After this exchange, you cannot lose or gain any points until you touch your base. If a player touches you will in this state, they receive a shock that could knock them out.
  • If you are in contact with an allied player, your points are combined along with any gain or loss of points.
  • Each base has an infinite amount of points and work as allies but when you touch the base and an enemy player, that player loses 10000 points.
  • When an enemy player touches your base, they gain 10000 points.
  • There are six items in the area that can increase your points by varying amounts.
  • If you are reduced to 0 points at any time during the game, you get a Game Over.
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