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Kōdai Tatta is one of the characters in Alice in Borderland. He is portrayed by Yutaro Watanabe.


Not much is yet known about him, but he is the son of a mechanic.

Throughout the Series

He first appears in episode 2 during the Five of Spades game. As he walked to the apartment complex he was utterly confused and kept asking the participants for more information about the “Game”. The game was Tag, where the tagger is loaded with an Uzi and players must discover an unlocked room to deactivate a bomb before 20 minutes pass. After the players started to head off to search for the safe zone, Tatta reluctantly followed along. Around halfway through the game as he was on the fourth floor, the tagger started shooting at him from a higher floor, causing him to duck and become completely unresponsive to fear. After Ryōhei Arisu coerced him to safety, Tatta slowly recovered. Later, Arisu used this information to solve and clear the Game.

The next time Tatta is seen is in episode 5 at the beginning of the Four of Diamonds game. As he briefly exits the Game arena to notify Rizuna An that the room began filling with water. It was then that he saw Arisu and the two briefly exchanged surprise that they were both still alive. Tatta told him that he arrived at the beach and does maintenance, before interrupted by An to finish the talk after the Game. To win the Game, players must figure out which switch, A, B, or C, turns out a lightbulb behind a door. They can flip one switch while the door is open, as many switches when the door is open, but only have one guess and cannot close the door with someone inside. At first he suggests someone going inside, before An reexplains how the rules forbids that. He says that there is a 50% chance of guessing correctly, to which An responds its 66%, which further confused him. As An continues to put pressure on Arisu to pass the test on his own judgement, Tatta and Hikari Kuina beg him to just flip a switch or for An to just reveal the answer. Finally, Arisu finds a solution to guarantee, and they clear they Game. An remarks that his solution raises the odds of survival from 66% to 100%, but Tatta, now exhausted, still isn’t sure how it’s not 50%. Later, he is seen taking a seat next to Kuina.

In episode 6, he makes a brief appearance while An is performing an autopsy to let her know that Hatter is dead. He is present all throughout the process of Morizono Aguni usurping the Beach as the new number one. Later on, he is present right near the corpse of Momoka Inoue as the Ten of Hearts is introduced.

As the massacre begins, he teams up with Yuhuza Usagi and Asami Kujō alongside his friend to flee from the militants and find Arisu. During the search, he and his friend are ambushed by two militants. They’re able to subdue them but as they get their bearings his friend is shot by another militant. This infuriates him and he charges straight at her, knocking her down. He demands for her to tell them where Arisu is, and she reveals he’s on the fourth floor. He knocks her out. As the trio arrives on the fourth floor, they begin hearing Arisu’s shouts. However, the door is locked and two more militants appear. They dash into a nearby unlocked room. As Usagi scales the wall to reach Arisu’s room her grasp falters. A militant almost shoots her when Tatta pulls the militant back and knocks him out with a chair, then Asami knocks out the other with a glass vase. Finally, Usagi rescues Arisu and the four of them reunite. Tatta gives Arisu a hug and interrupts the moment of relief by saying that only 30 minutes remained.

During the time spent in the hotel room, the four of them all contributed several ideas. Eventually, Arisu figures something out about the pattern of Heart Games. He tells them that they must head down to the lobby immediately. When they arrive, the remaining militants and members are in a face off, and right before Aguni orders them all to be killed the gang arrives, with the three of them supporting Arisu’s balance. During the entire scene, Tatta could be seen in the background, and was very shocked to learn the witch was Momoka and when Asami was killed by the laser. After that, the remaining survivors attempted to carry Momoka only to be met with Suguru Niragi, limping towards the lobby, massacring even more players with his gun, intending to burn everyone with a piece of wood from the bonfire to ensure victory. After Aguni sacrifices his life to charge at and take down Niragi, the remaining survivors burn Momoka and clear the Game. After the survivors fled, Tatta began crying remembering all the people who died for nothing.


Physical Appearance

Games Played

  • Five of Spades
  • Unknown number of games
  • Four of Diamonds
  • Unknown number of games
  • Ten of Hearts


Season One