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Kōdai Tatta
Tatta Koudai.png
Japanese name 竜田 康大
Romaji Tatta Kōdai
Alias Tatta (タッタ)
Age 23
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Status Deceased: Hemorrhage from a lethal arm amputation
Specialty Clubs
Family Mother
Occupation Freelance worker
Affiliation Player
Beach (No.43) (formerly)
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 20
"Just so you know, this is not mercy! I just don't want to be the like of you!"
—Tatta in the manga Chapter 28

Kōdai Tatta is a character first appears in the Beach arc. He’s a rather decent man whose real specialty is his knowledge of automobiles.


Tatta has decently long, messy black hair. He is almost always seen wearing a cap and metallic necklace. During the Witch Hunt, he is shirtless and wears swim trunks sporting stars on them.


Tatta has a very loose, chill, and carefree demeanor usually, but is freaked out easily under tense circumstances, which obviously doesn’t benefit him or anyone else in the Borderlands. He is by no accounts the smartest person in the series; he dropped out of high school to chase unreachable dreams and his thinking is pretty surface level. However, he does occasionally come up with some pretty clever ideas.

While he isn’t the most intelligent in terms of academics or rationality, he understands people well due to his prior struggles with life. He can empathize with people, and due to his fun nature, is able to easily lighten up the whole mood during grim times. In addition, Tatta is fiercely loyal to his friends and allies. He always felt like his life never amounted to much, so is willing to do anything to make his impact on others to make up for what he failed to accomplish in the real world.


Before Borderland

Tatta's father ran an unprofitable automobile repairing garage and died, leaving his wife and son in debt. Tatta dropped from high school when he was 18 years old because he wanted to become a stand-up comedian, much to his mother’s displeasure. He applied for 3 part-time jobs at once to afford his living, but the producer or audience did not recognize his performance. Eventually, Tatta fell prey to pyramid scheme for quick cash. That night, he calls his mother, who once again scolds him, saying he’s “nothing like his father”. As he sits down, hopeless, he sees fireworks in the sky and is transported to the Borderlands.

The Beach

Eventually, Tatta finds his way to the Beach. Because of his knowledge of automobiles, he is in charge of fuel filling in the Beach with another resident he befriends, quite a decent position. When they found Boshiya's corpse, both fuel staffers are ordered to keep quiet and pretend that he dies in the game.

Ten of Hearts

When the Ten of Hearts commences and Suguru Niragi provokes the crowd to kill Yuzuha Usagi and Asahi Kujō, the wrong culprits, Tatta's friend loudly accuses the women of Boshiya's murder. This revelation gets him killed; as Last Boss bashes him in the head with a golf club. The massacre begins. The crowd runs away from Aguni's men in despair. Tatta is utterly paralyzed in fear, but is grabbed ahold of by Usagi along with Asahi. Tatta helps Usagi to bait a martial member to get Ryōhei Arisu's whereabouts and his gun. Usagi discards the magazine because she only needs the gun to frighten the martial members, but Tatta secretly keeps it to himself. Finally, Usagi rescues Arisu and the four of them reunite. During the time spent in the hotel room, the four of them all contributed several ideas. Tatta cleverly suggests that survivors are likely hiding in the other rooms, so they can use the phones to call each room and collect alibis and evidence. Asahi banters that no matter how he looks, he does have a brain in his head. Eventually, Arisu figures something out about the pattern of Heart Games. He tells them that they must head down to the lobby immediately. But when they arrive, Morizono Aguni is waiting and knocks out Tatta. After the standoff, the game is cleared. The whole resort is about to collapse from fire, and Tatta points the gun at the wasted Last Boss, who has been knocked out by Kuina. Tatta is unable to pull the trigger, knowing his enemy wishes to die.


During the intermission, the entire group of survivors struggles to move past the grief of the Witch Hunt, but that’s when Tatta zooms into the camp in a Lamborghini, almost hitting someone else. He explains how he fixed it, and asked if anyone wanted to go on a ride with him. Several people went on, and had a great time. After they left, Kuina broke down in laughter, saying that it’s time they started loosen up and enjoying their time of peace. What follows is a period of peace and enjoyment, where everybody moved on and lived their life. Later, Tatta regrets masturbating to Kuina after the trans woman reveals her sex assigned at birth. But soon, the citizen broadcast begins. During the announcement, he, like everyone else, is speechless.

Second Stage

Just before the Second Stage is about to begin, Tatta gets few cars functional. Arisu and An's group uses them to escape from the King of Spades' initial attack separately. Tatta travels with Arisu, Usagi, and Kuina for the King of Clubs arena, unwillingly joined by Niragi, whose skin was burnt by Chishiya during Witch-Hunt.

King of Clubs

As they enter, his necklace begins vibrating and he realizes that metallic objects are forbidden in the venue. When he sees a naked Kyūma Ginji, he is extremely shocked. After the rules are explained, he and the rest of the group discuss battle plans. He’s given the role of "Goalkeeper" for their team against the citizens' team because that is a relatively safe, yet important role requiring the least effort. Niragi relentlessly derogates him, saying that he should acquire the role due since he’s the most useless out of all of them. No one opposes it. While guarding, he feels and looks utterly depressed that he, once again, was considered “useless”. Then, Kyūma’s team prepares for a kamizake attack; 4 people charge at the base at once, which will create 3 virtually invincible forces at the expense of the life of 1 team member. He chooses to kill Sōgo Shitara. The team is put at an irreversible disadvantage because of the ambush. A new plan is formulated, and he asks why he shouldn’t be in the offense even though he has the most points. Niragi nice again tears into him; even with his 10,000 points, he won’t win a battle against the 3 invincible players. He’s still useless, and he’s what got them into this mess. Again, no one opposes it. The plan works, but it doesn’t cover the gap completely, and there’s nothing left that can be done since all 4 team members of Kyūma’s team are now heavily guarding the base. Arisu, minutes before death, thanks Tatta for sparking hope during the Interval. Then he decides to speak out. Tatta asks Arisu to amputate his arm using the item door to remove the game bracelet from him. Arisu is hesitant, but Tatta tearfully begs him to, and ensures he won’t die. Nothing he ever did in life amounted to anything, but Arisu’s words affected him in ways no one could understand. He just wants this to be his redemption. Arisu slams the door, and Tatta screams in pain, but the bracelet falls off. He tells Arisu to hurry. After he left, he attempts to bandage his arm, but he grows weak. However, he’s happy that his life finally amounted to something. In his final moments, he once again thanks Arisu. After the game is cleared, the group is absolutely blown apart by grief, and Arisu slams his head into his the container in a fit of loss for both Tatta and Kyūma. His body is buried in a seaside park.





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