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Solitary Confinement
Difficulty Jack
Category Hearts
Game Venue Penitentiary
Status Cleared
Players Ōki Yaba, Sunato Banda, Kotoko Shiga , Eiji Mitsurugi , Kunio Kariya , Ippei Ōki , Kassai Rokudō , Masaki Aizen , Urumi Aramaki , Kakeru Kishōin , Rui Hibino , Meisa Tokui , Motohiko Kaneko , Akitomo Minō , Genki Kiriu , Akifumi Seto , Unnamed Players (x3) 
Citizens Enji Matsushita 

This game takes place in the penitentiary. It is run by Enji Matsushita. It was completed by Sunato Banda and Ōki Yaba.

Game Overview


Player Limit: 20 (Technically 19)

Time Limit: 1 hour/round

Players must equip an explosive collar upon entry. Players also may not bring in any reflective surfaces or materials. Before the game begins, a mark appears behind each player’s collar, renditioning everyone unable to see their own mark (Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts).


  • Each round is 1 hour. Players are free to talk anywhere during this time.
  • In the final 5 minutes, all players must enter a cell and announce the mark that they think is on the back of their collar. If they’re correct, they move onto the next round. Their mark changes, and the cycle repeats.
  • Should the player remain silent or say the wrong mark, the collar explodes.
  • Among the players is the Jack of Hearts. Should the Jack of Hearts die, the remaining players all survive.
  • Should two players remain (Jack of Hearts included), only the Jack of Hearts will live, since their identity will become apparent.
  • 3 actions are prohibited:
    • No more than 1 person may reside inside a locked cell.
    • Players may not obstruct other players from entering a cell.
    • Players may not revoke another's ability to announce their own mark (homicide).

Game Clear: Kill the Jack of Hearts

Game Over:

  • Say the wrong mark.
  • Remain silent during confinement.
  • Commit a prohibited action.
  • Be the only person left alongside the Jack of Hearts.


In the prison, there are no reflective surfaces. All knives in the kitchen are ceramic, faucets dispense tomato juice, and there are no mirrors. Since the penitentiary is so large and spacious, it is subtly encouraged for players to have discrete conversations discussing claims and strategies. Since there was a half year’s supply of food stocked, it was initially believed that Solitary Confinement was meant to be a game of attrition.


The identity of the Jack of Hearts was Enji Matsushita. This was deduced by both Sunato Banda and Ōki Yaba after they formed a sudden but strong alliance and saw that Enji was the last remaining player, and uncovered his tactics.


Near the first few rounds of the game, 3 apparent factions began to form: the group, partnered players, and loners. The loners were the first to all gradually receive Game Over. However, the group soon followed as Urumi began manipulating everyone to lie to those who had even the slightest suspicious tendencies. In the end, the partnered players were the ones who lasted the longest. Finding a partner and staying with them was among the best strategies to clear the game. Near the start, it is guaranteed both parties will only announce the correct mark, since lying would draw heavy suspicion. Near the end, should they trust each other enough, they would be able to deduce the identify of the Jack of Hearts from seeing who the final player is. Staying with a group seems to be the most practical option, but it wouldn’t last long due to how easily swayed people can be. Once 1 person has been killed in the group, then no one else in the group can be trusted, not alone or together. Going alone is suicide, especially towards the endgame. Towards the end, a 4th faction forms. It’s another group with Mitsurugu as its leader. His intent was to drag the game out until the food ran out. Even if the Jack of Hearts was within the group, they could live in peace for half a year. At first glance, Mitsurugi's intent to seems humane. However, it holds a massive flaw: this would kill the rest of the players outside the game within a month as their visas expire with no mean to clear the last game. Ōki eventually quells the group by tricking Kariya and shoving him into the same cell as Mitsurugi, a forbidden action. As stated by Urumi and Mitsurugi respectively, the longer the game goes on, the worse off it is for the players. Even if there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, the Jack of Hearts is convening and setting up their master plan from round 1. At the time it seemed like intense thinking, but it was all true and greatly foreshadowed at the Jack’s identity. It would be unwise the drag the game out for more than a dozen rounds, but players should still be as careful as possible.


Round Deaths Players remaining
Round 1 None 20
Round 2 None 20
Round 3 Akifumi Seto
Genki Kiriu
Akitomo Minō
2 Unnamed Players
Round 4 None 15
Round 5 Motohiko Kaneko 14
Round 6 Meisa Tokui
Rui Hibino
Round 7 Kakeru Kishōin
Urumi Aramaki
Masaki Aizen
1 Unnamed Player
Round 8 None 8
Round 9 Eiji Mitsurugi
Kunio Kariya
Kassai Rokudō
Ippei Ōki
Round 10 Kotoko Shiga 3
Round 11 Enji Matsushita (J❤️) 2


  • Even if told the wrong mark, Enji has a prosthetic eye covered by his hair which is linked directly to his collar.
    • Although this is extremely unfair, it infringes no rules since it states that players may not bring in any reflective materials.
  • This is the only game in the entire series which could be considered filler, since no major characters participate and no survivors have major relevance later on.
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