Jack of Hearts: Solitary Confinement Edit

This game takes place in the penitentiary. It is run by Matsushita Enji. It was completed by Banda Sunato and Yaba Ouki.

Rules Edit

  • The players must wear a collar before entering in the penitentiary.
  • Players can't bring any reflective materials.
  • The number of players must be exactly 20.
  • The players must guess what mark has appeared at the back of their collar(Club, Heart, Diamond, Spade)
  • The limit time is 1 hour
  • 5 minutes before then, the doors to each cells will lock. Each player must go into one before.
  • In the remaning 5 minutes the players must say out loud their mark.
  • If their answer in wrong or if they do not answer its Game Over.
  • If their answer is good their mark will change and a next turn begins where the same rules are apply.
  • The game's supervisor, the jack of hearts is hiding among the players.
  • If the jack of hearts experience a Game Over it's Game Clear for all the remaining players.
  • If only two players remain, only the jack of hearts receives a Game Clear.
  • There are 3 prohibited actions:
    • Being more than 1 person in a lock cell.
    • Obstruct other players from entering a cell.
    • Revoke to an other player his ability to announce is own mark.
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