Jack of Diamonds

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Mahjong (Kansai Region)
Difficulty Jack
Category Diamonds
Game Venue Mahjong Parlor
Status Cleared
Players Shuntarō Chishiya
Unnamed Players (x2) 
Citizens Amon Komayama 

The Jack of diamonds is run by a gang leader Amon Komayama. It was a game of Mahjong (Kansai Region) between 4 people. It was completed by Shuntarō Chishiya.

Game Overview


Player Limit: 3 required

Time Limit: None

Once all players are seated, the game starts. It can be inferred that beneath each chair is a trap door.


Mahjong Variation Rules

  • Hanchan
  • Kanzen Sakuzuke (without Atozuke, kuitan)
  • Can double Ron, triple Ron
  • Can Uradora, Kandora, Kanura
  • Can Akadora (man x1, pin x2, sou x1)
  • Can Pao
  • Dealer in Nanba, even Noten, they can Renchan
  • Without Tsumo pinfu
  • If Furiten riichi, the careless one will be penalized after last draw
  • Cannot Tsumo Agari in the same turn
  • Dealer in the last game can Agari yame
  • Can Buttobi (if other player score is below 0)
  • Cannot Riichi with scoure under 1000 (become Buttobi if Riichi with score 0 and all player Tenpai in the last last game)


  • The player who has the most points by the end of the game receives a Game Clear.
  • All players who place second or lower receives Game Over.
  • Players may not get up from their chair during the game.




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