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Hikari Kuina (水鶏 光 Kuina Hikari) is one of the characters in Alice in Borderland.

She is portrayed by Aya Asahina.

Physical Appearance

Kuina has black dreadlocked hair pulled back in a ponytail. She is often seen with a fake cigarette and wearing a bikini swimsuit (as part of the regulations of the Beach).


Kuina has an easy-going and casual demeanor, seeming to get along with everyone, including Chishiya. Throughout the series, she is revealed to care for the surrounding people, and will stand up for those she thinks are doing the right thing. From her reflections on her past, it is revealed that she is fiercely independent and has a strong drive to survive.


Born as the only son to a family of martial artists, Kuina's father trained her in various fighting techniques. However, Kuina did not have the disposition for martial arts, and was often unable to finish a fight or land the final blow. Her father was also furious to find her experimenting with make-up, which he considered inappropriate for who he considered his son. When Kuina left home, he told her never to return. She would later go on to receive sex reassignment surgery to become a woman.

After that, she got a job as an apparel clerk. When she discovered that her parents had divorced and that her mother was bedridden, Kuina went to visit her mother at the hospital. Her mother comments on her new appearance, and called her beautiful, much to Kuina's happiness that she accepted her. Kuina then dedicated her time to taking care of her mother until the day she was transported to the Borderlands.

Throughout the Series


Season One


  • The name Hikari means "light" (光).
  • Hikari's surname Kuina means "water rail" (水鶏).

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