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Hearts is one of the types of games played in the Alice in Borderland series. Hearts means game of Psychology.

Hearts games require "playing with the hearts of the other players". Citizens who create Hearts games manipulate the natural desire to live in players, allowing them to manipulate and betray their allies, eventually killing them. Rules of many Hearts games also tend to mislead the players into believing that it requires sacrificing other players to claim victory, but would otherwise be unnecessary if all participants could calmly deduce the true nature of each hearts game. In fact, it is possible to complete all Hearts games (obviously except the Face Card games) without having to kill a single person. Judging by the Two of Hearts, it can be assumed that the lower valued Hearts games revolve mainly around intrapersonal psychology, where the game manipulates just one’s single will to live, as opposed to the interpersonal psychology witnessed in medium and high difficulty Hearts games. Hearts games without a doubt are commonly agreed by players to be the hardest and most malicious suit, but thankfully they are pretty rare. Many of the harder Hearts games also forbid violence, so that players can only progress forward through manipulation and psychology, and not by sheer force.


Hearts games take place in the widest array of venues compared to any other suit. Indoors, outdoors, large, and small. While some involve high physical activity, most do not. Generally, the lower ranked cards take place in smaller venues and involve less activity.

Known Games


The following are characters whose speciality is Hearts in order of appearance:


  • While it is never outright stated that Heart games are the rarest, it can be assumed so by the reputation it has and the way it is seen by players. In both the manga and Netflix versions, many people were impressed by Arisu surviving just one Hearts game in the past.
  • Though they might be the rarest, Heart games have the highest number of known games of the four suits.