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Hayato Dōdō
Doudou Hayato.png
Japanese name 堂道 隼人
Romaji Dōdō Hayato
Alias Dodo (ドードー)
Age 15
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange
Status Alive
Specialty Hearts
Family Grandmother
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Player
Voice Actor
Manga Debut First Side Story (1)

Hayato Dōdō is a character in Alice in Borderland. His alias is a reference to the Dodo bird in Alice in Wonderland.




Before Borderland

Dōdō's mother became a problem gambler when she began aware of her husband's affair. Eventually, Dōdō's father left the family, excusing her mother's debt and her unstable mental health, which required long-term clinical care in the hospital. Being taken care of by his maternal grandmother, Dōdō fell in love with his classmate. His best friend volunteering to be the matchmaker, ended up dating the girl in Dōdō's place, even though the girl was originally in love with Dōdō's friend. Saddened by his failed family and first love, Dōdō decided to escape to an unknown territory.

Borderland - First Stage

Dōdō enters the Borderland 4 days after Ryōhei Arisu has joined the Beach society. He is attracted to a lit commercial building upon nightfall, which turns out to be the arena of the Four of Hearts. After being betrayed by a female player, Dōdō is enraged. He sheds crocodile tears and lies about the answer when he is knowledgeable, thanks to his sick mother. He regrets it after his dishonesty causes the death of the previously cheating player. Still, another hooded player helps Dōdō win the game first, and Dōdō in return searches for the correct answers for him to survive the game.

Borderland - Second Stage


After Borderland


Games Played


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Games played by Dōdō
Games played
Four of Hearts Seven of ??? King of Spades