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This article is about Ginji Kyūma, otherwise known as the King of Clubs. If you are looking for the King of Clubs game, click here for the one played in the current immigration period or here for the one played in the previous immigration period.

Ginji Kyūma
Ginji Kyūma.jpg
Japanese name 久間 欣治
Romaji Kyūma Ginji
Alias Kyūma (キューマ)

King of Clubs

Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Status Deceased: Lasered after losing King of Clubs
Specialty Clubs
Family Father 
Occupation Musician, nudist
Affiliation Citizen
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 33
"Remember that today,we could die at any moment!"
—Kyūma in the manga Chapter 34

Ginji Kyūma is the King of Clubs in the borderlands.



Kyūma is tall man of fit build. He has longer black hair that is pulled back. Because he is a nudist, he is often seen not wearing any clothes even when he first met Ryōhei Arisu's team in the game of Osmosis.


Kyūma has a generally positive and friendly personality. He is nice to both opponents and his fellow teammates. He places great importance on not placing any one person over another and being fair to all during games. This is strongly reflected in his game of Osmosis and how he puts all team decisions to a unanimous vote before proceeding.

Because of the his father death from stomach cancer's, Kyūma understood how precious yet short life was. He decided to enjoy every moment and not hold back so that he could die without regrets.

He is also someone extremely attached to his associates (Kanzaki Go'oken, Kisaragi Uta,Sōgo Shitara and Maki Takumi). He loves the thrill of being near of the death, that's why he decided to become a Citizen. He is a fair person, because he makes sure that he and his team doesn't know where the items were.


Before Borderland

Kyūma giving everything he has during a concert.

With Kanzaki Go'okenKisaragi Uta,Sōgo Shitara and Maki Takumi they made a music group. But during a time they weren’t selling any albums. One day Kyūma asked them: «Which is more important? A concert in front of 50 000 people or one with just 2 or 3 guests? » His answer was: «The same, should i die today, i won't have any regrets. Tonight I’ll put all my heart into the best concert ever.". During the time they weren’t able to make a living from their songs, his father worried and suffered greatly. After their were able to make a living, Kyūma finally returned home with a bottle of his father's favorite sake in each hands. But it was too late, because of his stomach cancer his father was propped up full of tubes and wasn’t to drink that sake anymore. Kyūma realized that he shouldn’t had to wait until he was able to make a living to say "thank you" to his father.


Borderland: As player

First stage

Kyūma during his first game.

Kyūma arrived at Borderland 5 months before Arisu with Kanzaki Go'okenKisaragi Uta,Sōgo Shitara and Maki Takumi. His first game was a Three of Spades. While he was about to reach to front gate where Kanzaki Go'oken, Sōgo Shitara and Maki Takumi were waiting for him. He realized that Uta was missing. He went back and yelled to provoke the mascots. He and Uta finally arrived at the front gate. He said that he doesn’t know what these games are but they crack him up.

The next morning, while his friends were asleep he went for a jogging. He his path he met Isao Shīrabi who was doing radio calisthenics. Felling nostalgic Kyūma joined him. A short time after he met Keiichi Kuzuryū and Mira Kanō. Each morning they were meeting up at the same place to do radio calisthenics and to talk. One day he explained to Isao that the day before he played a game where there were a limit if who could clear it and because of that someone died because of him. Isao answer that by existing, humans have sinned and that to live they must suffer and repent and that in Borderland where they must kill to survive, more people are just coming to that realization. He assumed that perhaps salvation only exists in death. Kyūma answered by saying that he don't feel that the purpose of life is death but the opposite. Death must be feared but not looked away. It's not the final goal. Death is here to make the living boil. Isao said that he is a weird man.

Second stage

Kyūma,Mira,Isao and Keiichi on their way to the last game.

The second stage started at his 85th day of sojourn. The 2nd day of the next stage he announced to the other he beat the king of Clubs. After the announcement that there is only one face card game remaining he proposed that as a celebration they participate together for the first time to the last game. When Mira asked what they would answered if they had the opportunity to became citizen of Borderland, Kyūma answered that he don't know other places where he can let his soul dance for free, that it imprints upon them that life is ephemeral and for that reason he want to live here. The group finally takes the directions of the last game: King of Hearts.

Borderland: As citizen

First stage

One day, Kyūma explain to Keiichi an idea of a new game: the four of clubs. He explains that humans are peers and that it's what he wants his game to be about. When Keiichi said that he want to play the role of the dealer disguised as an injured player, He said that if he follow the instructions there shouldn't be any problems but nothing guaranteed it. He asked why a king would put himself through that danger.

Kyūma during the conference.

After the ten of Hearts was completed and that the players reunited all the card games, Kyūma,Mira,Isao and Keiichi made a press conference to the players to announce them the beginning of the second stage. When it was his turn to speak, Kyūma was nervous and embarrassed because he didn't remember what he was supposed to say. Then he remembered and said that the confrontation between the players and the dealers was over and that the players had to proceed to the final showdown. After his speech he asked to the others if it was okay.

After the conference, he said farewell to the dealer who was the presenter of the conference that it was fun to work with her even if it was short. When the dealer asked to at least save her life, he said that it's not good to make exceptions and that if the players had end with a game over it was the dealers victory but if the players clear all the type of games it was the dealers’ loss. Just after he said that, all the dealers had been hit by a laser. He said after that he was worried to be out of practice.

Second stage

Kyūma, Kanzaki, Kisaragi, Shitara and Maki were waiting for players to participate in their game of Osmosis when Arisu and his team arrived. He thanked and welcomed them. He is surprised that they are shocked because he his naked. He explained that nudists have a beautiful history and that clothes were a concept invented by society and physiologically speaking unnecessary. He said after that the Queen of Hearts (Mira) said that these games should be enjoyed be that for him they are serious matches. He explained the rules of the King of Clubs. He assured that the rules have been explained to them just a few hours ago, he just came up with the idea of the game but he never played it so that there are no fakes or trickery and that it's fair and square.

He was going to his base when Arisu stop him and ask him what the point of these games and who are they. Kyūma asked in return how many people Arisu was able to express his feelings with. He said that you can only see one's true form in the face of death and that they should have a discourse with naked souls because it's the purist communication. If Arisu wish to know him he have to game with him. Then he went to his base.

Kyūma, making his ritual before a game.

Before the game start, made his ritual before a game: sing a song where he gives everything he has. Then he say to the others that it's about to start and that he won't leave any regrets. They are going to make it the best game and that the theme is "Die Young".

After the game start he met Kuina and Arisu. He said that he wonder if they focus on battle or items. He proposes them a battle. He said that he didn't mean to eavesdrop but he heard that Arisu have a fight with a teammates (Usagi). He note that Arisu has a powerful look in the eyes, eyes that have a strong resolve after gazing at and overcoming death. He explained that is puzzled that he faltering right now. He said that Arisu has just to let it out. He told after that the story of his father and his stomach cancer. He warn Arisu that they could die at any moment today so he must say what he has to say right now before it's too late. Arisu drop Kuina hand and came to him so he could have a battle alone and know more about him. Kyūma accepted with pleasure. But to Arisu big surprise Kyūma only have 2000 points and lost the battle. Arisu understand that they split their points evenly in 5. Kyūma say that he walk the same line between life and death with his friends and that none are more important than another. He asked if Arisu is beginning to understand him better.

Kyūma went back to his base. Shitara said that he has a strategy to win this game and that Kyūma could possibly be thinking the same. They proposed to run directly into their base. Kanzaki said that they have all their screws loose. Kyūma answered by saying that he don’t coerce them. His style is a unanimous vote but they must go nuts if they want to survive. When he saw no objections he propose to do the way they always do to decide who is going to be the goal-keeper( a rock-paper-scissors).

Kyūma crying for the death of Shitara

He, Kanzaki ,Shitara and Maki went into the players base where he said hi to Tata. When Tata asked them what they are doing here, he said that of course to win the game. Each of them separate in order to be in deferent side of the base. Tata warned them that they would die that if he touches them; Kyūma said that he already said that it's a game of life and death and it's to Tata to decide who will die. He, Kanzaki and Maki touched the base but Tata touched Shitara before he could touch the base. Shitara said that they've been together a long time and warned Kyūma that if his death is vain he'll beat him on the other side. Kyūma with tears in his eyes said that he will never forget him.

After that he and Uta found an item so they set up a trap. Uta waited inside the container and Kyūma outside. Arisu fall into the trap and enter in the container. Uta took the item before he could battle with her and Kyūma took him from behind and made a battle with him. Arisu understood that none of them is guarding their base. Kyūma said that they guessed that none of them would have thought to attack it. Before Kyūma and Uta left, Arisu thanks for his councils because he was able to make up with Usagi. Surprised by what he said Uta asked why Arisu said that and if Kyūma helped him. Kyūma said that Arisu is no one and is nowhere, he is an empty canvas. He asked what will Arisu absorb and how he will change at the very edge of Borderlands. For him watching over that growth is fun.

They weren't enough items left for Arisu team to win the game so Kyūma and his team waited at their base. Because nothing happened while their where waiting, Uta suggested that they've abandoned but Kyūma didn't believed that Arisu would let things that way. Finally Usagi and Kuina arrived and made Kanzaki and Maki leaving the base. After that Niragi and Arisu run to their base to Uta and Kyūma suprise. By seing Arisu running to him without any hesitation Kyūma finally understood Arisu plan and said to Uta he leave her the last guy before he touch Arisu and that both of them took an electric shock because Arisu stays in transition state since his last battle. When Kyūma woke up he discovered with surprise that Niragi touched the base. When Uta explained to Arisu that changes anything for them because they are still going to lose, Kyūma told her that they were finally happy and she didn't had to throw water on them. Then he apologized to Arisu.

Arisu and Kyūma shaking hands.

While they were waiting for the game to end, Kyūma bored went for a stroll. Uta warned him to not be careless but Kyūma assured her that they won't attack their base. He went of the border of the docks above the sea where he waited until Arisu came. He told him that he had a feeling that he'll see him if he came here. He asked to Arisu to who was the blood on him but he didn't answer. He asked then if they've given up, witch Arisu answered yes. Kyūma said that he is a little disappointed but thanks him for having a good game. Arisu asked him if he could told him the answer for Borderland for Kyūma told him that by given up like that his interest to him has waned. Arisu asked then if he could at least shake hands with him. He said that he is by far the most interesting person he ever met and that even if he's his enemy he respects him and is thankful to him. Kyūma warned him that the game is still on which means that it would initiate a battle and he'll win but at this stage it shouldn't matter to him so he accepted. But to Kyūma big suprise, Arisu won the battle which makes Kyūma's team the one who's going to lose.

Kyūma crying because he won't be able to kept his promise.

Arisu showed him that he was holding Tata bracelet in his pocket. Kyūma asked to himself how he couldn't see that coming and how his performance was so perfect but he finally understood that everything Arisu said was true, he never lied. Finaly tears came into his eyes after seeing that his team is going to lose. Arisu asked him if he is afraid of death. Kyūma answered no, he is crying because he will not be able to keep the promise he made to Shintara. Arisu explained to Kyūma to what he said was right. By playing the game with all his heart Arisu finally saw the answer he was seeking and asked if the citizens were former players. Kyūma simply said that if that he feels then that is surely the truth. Arisu start crying and told Kyūma that he really doesn’t want him to die. Kyūma explained him that the moment the two met; one would surely lose his life. Arisu said that if only they didn’t met under the circumstances of the game they but Kyūma stopped him and answered that it's because they met under these circumstances that they came to understand each other. Arisu said they could have become best friend but Kyūma asked him if they aren't already. Arisu became angry and asked to Kyūma to annul the last battle so he could live because if after clearing all the face cards the true answer is to continue as citizens he is fine to die. He warned Kyūma that he is not as strong as him and can't live like him. But Kyūma answered that he won't became like him and he has no reason to. The choices of his life are his own. He hoped that Arisu will find soon a reason for living and that as a friend it's his heartfelt wish. After the announcement that Kyūma team lost. Kyūma said that has he thought death is not so bad after all because he don't have a single regret and lived the ideal life just before being hit by a laser.

Kyūma hit by a laser.

Games played

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