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Gentle Girl
Gentle Girl.jpg
Japanese name
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color
Status Alive
Specialty Clubs
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Player
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Second Side Story (1)

Isn’t this a game of Clubs? If we all work together, we’ll surely make it!!

— Gentle Girl, chapter 29.1

The gentle girl (real name unknown) is an unnamed player that managed to clear the Four of Clubs, at least one Face-card game (most likely the Jack of Clubs) and return to the original world


She has short, messy blond hair, and bangs that cover her forehead. In almost every scene she’s in, she can be seen wearing a tank top and long jeans.


She is extremely kind and caring. In the First Stage, she was willing to give her life to accompany Keiichi Kuzuryū in the bus during the Four of Clubs. Prior to the game, she insisted on the group cooperating, especially when the difficulty was revealed to be Clubs. In the Second Stage, she and a group of players cleared a Face Card to extend a child’s visa. She also mentioned herself that she was weak, clumsy, and too easily hurt by others.


Before Borderlands

Before she arrived at the Borderlands, she was in a relationship that ended. At the time, she was still a student, and she went on a vacation alone as an escape. She lost her phone, wallet, and even her purse. She fell into a spiral of self hatred. However, an old lady took notice of her and called out. She treated the girl to a hot meal, let her stay the night, and gave her the money to return home the next morning. The lady replied, saying that she had a daughter about the same age in Tokyo. “Hang in there,” she said, “you’ll find new love.” On the train back to Tokyo, she couldn’t hold back tears and the lady’s kindness. Ever since then, she’s been wanting to pass this kindness forwards.

Four of Clubs

Second Stage

During the Second Stage, she and a large group of players took shelter in the Nanako Ward to hide from the King of Spades. A child was within the group, and his visa would expire soon. So she gathered a small band of players to clear a Face Card game on his behalf, which was likely the Jack of Clubs. Later, she is seen during the announcement stating all card games have been cleared.

After Borderlands

She refused permanent residency. After being transported back to Earth, she can be seen in the hospital courtyard smiling and enjoying the sunshine.



I will live so that I may pass on this small baton of kindness.

— Gentle Girl, chapter 51.5


Games Played

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Games played by the Gentle girl
Games played
Unknown Number of Games Four of Clubs Jack of Clubs  King of Spades