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Games are the main focus of Alice in Borderland, and are where most of the major events in the story happen. These are the only way to obtain visas in order to be able to stay at the Borderland. They vary in types, difficulty, and are notoriously deadly towards players. They are created by citizens, prepared by dealers, and played by players.


First Phase

Games start at evening (6:00PM) and end at midnight (12:00MN). By then, all of the players' visas will be deducted, checked, and if a player does not have a valid visa anymore, they will be lasered.

Second Phase

All twelve games start at noon, and do not close until players clear the game.

Types and Difficulty

Suit Meaning Defining Feature
Clubs Balance Club games typically are a mix of Spade and Diamond games, and they always involve teamwork.
Spades Strength Spade games
Diamonds Intelligence Diamond games
Hearts Psychology Heart games typically toy with the player and make them doubt their trust in themselves or other players, and they typically make the player feel guilty after clearing the game.

List of Games

Club Games

Playing Card Title
Two of Clubs

Hunting Competition

Three of Clubs

Good Fortune, Bad Fortune

Three of Clubs

Dead or Alive

Four of Clubs


Four of Clubs


Ten of Clubs

Bingo in Match Factory

King of Clubs


Spade Games

Trump Card Game Title
Two of Spades

Human Elevator

Three of Spades

Theme Park

Five of Spades


Six of Spades


Six of Spades

Beast Hunter

Seven of Spades

Boiling Death

King of Spades


Diamond Games

Trump Card Game Title
Four of Diamonds

Light Bulb

Six of Diamonds


Jack of Diamonds

Mahjong (Kansai Region)

King of Diamonds

Keynesian Beauty Contest

Heart Games

Trump Card Game Title
Two of Hearts


Four of Hearts


Seven of Hearts

Hide and Seek

Nine of Hearts

Alien Invasion

Ten of Hearts

Witch Hunt

Jack of Hearts

Solitary Confinement

Queen of Hearts


Unknown Games and Cards

Main articles: Unknown Cards, Unknown Venues


  • Nine of Hearts is the only game that does not reward a VISA, and instead grants the player the ability to return to the original world.
  • Three of Spades is the only numbered-card game that is known to take place in the previous immigration period.


V· T·E Games
Clubs [♣] Ace of Clubs.png Two of Clubs.png Three of Clubs.png Four of Clubs.png Five of Clubs.png Six of Clubs.png Seven of Clubs.png Eight of Clubs.png Nine of Clubs.png Ten of Clubs.png Jack of Clubs.png Queen of Clubs.png King of Clubs.png
Spades [♠] Ace of Spades.png Two of Spades.png Three of Spades.png Four of Spades.png Five of Spades.png Six of Spades.png Seven of Spades.png Eight of Spades.png Nine of Spades.png Ten of Spades.png Jack of Spades.png Queen of Spades.png King of Spades.png
Diamonds [♦] Ace of Diamonds.png Two of Diamonds.png Three of Diamonds.png Four of Diamonds.png Five of Diamonds.png Six of Diamonds.png Seven of Diamonds.png Eight of Diamonds.png Nine of Diamonds.png Ten of Diamonds.png Jack of Spades.png Queen of Diamonds.png King of Diamonds.png
Hearts [♥] Ace of Hearts.png Two of Hearts.png Three of Hearts.png Four of Hearts.png Five of Hearts.png Six of Hearts.png Seven of Hearts.png Eight of Hearts.png Nine of Hearts.png Ten of Hearts.png Jack of Hearts.png Queen of Hearts.png King of Hearts.png
Others [⚂] Unknown Cards · Unknown Venues