Four of Hearts: Survey Edit

The four of hearts is a game taking place on an office building that requires 5 participants. Before the game begins, each participant must enter a window cleaning lift. It was completed by Ryōhei Arisu and Hayato Dōdō.

Rules Edit

  • Each player is moved to the tenth floor of the building.
  • A question will appear on the screen and you must answer within 60 seconds.
  • Each question has a majority and a minority.
  • If you reach the top floor, it's Game Clear.
  • If you reach the bottom floor, It's Game Over.

There are several rules that only show up from inference of the players.

  • Answering correctly with a majority moves you up 1 floor.
  • Answering correctly with a minority moves you up 2 floors.
  • Answering incorrectly with a majority, you are moved down 1 floor and receive an electric shock.
  • Answering incorrectly with a minority results in Game Over.
  • Tricking another player into picking the wrong answer moves you up an additional 5 floors.
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