Alice in Borderland Wiki
Difficulty 4
Category Clubs
Game Venue Highway Tunnel
Status Cleared
Players Ryōhei Arisu
Yuzuha Usagi
Unnamed Players (x2) 
Dealers Keiichi Kuzuryū (Assumably)

The Four of Clubs was the fourth game to be completed in the series, done so by Ryōhei Arisu, Yuzuha Usagi, and an unnamed player, who is assumably Keiichi Kuzuryū should the series stick by the manga (There are also other speculations). Like the Three of Clubs, the game was so drastically changed that listing differences would be redundant, but the 2 biggest changes are the omission of the separate trials and the inclusion of Arisu and Usagi.

Game Overview


  • Once players safely reach the GOAL in time, it’s Game Clear.
  • If all players fail to make it to the goal in time, it’s Game Over.
  • The time limit is 2 hours.
  • Phones provide a counter for steps.


At the very beginning of the tunnel is a bus that is covered with graffiti. Inside are where the phones are provided. At around 5,000 steps into the tunnel, there is a water station which provided several bottles of water. However, it is unknown if they were safe to drink or not. Around 7,000 steps in, the tunnel becomes dark, and is filled with cars. In the dark, there’s a panther. At around 12,000 steps is the end which is assumed to be the GOAL. However, near the end of the time limit, the wall will burst and water will flood the highway, crushing everything in its path.


The bus was the GOAL. In fact, those words were even spray painted across it.


  • One major giveaway that something is wrong when having to sprint a long distance is implied to be necessary is the difficulty of the game. The fact that the difficulty wasn't Spades and was a low Clubs foreshadows at the easy solution.
  • It is possible that the “injured” player could be Ginji Kyūma. While it wouldn’t appear to match him being a nudist in the manga, it is entirely possible that he had come to try out his own game or look for future opponents/threats.


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