Alice in Borderland Wiki
Difficulty 4
Category Clubs
Game Venue Tunnel
Status Cleared
Players Gentle Girl
Kaito Yamane 
Unnamed Players (x3) 
Dealers Keiichi Kuzuryū (Temporary)

This game was the Second Side Story, taking place in a tunnel and overseen by Keiichi Kuzuryū. It was completed by the gentle girl.

Game Overview

Player limit: None

Time limit: 50 minutes

Prize: None

Shortly after all participating players enter the tunnel, it will shut. The massive collapse will cause a flurry of rubble to fly everywhere. At this time, Kuzuryū was injured severely in the leg and couldn’t continue.


  • The tunnel is 10 kilometers long.
  • The players must endure the four trials and reach the GOAL in time.
  • The four trials are a cheetah, which is released after 10 minutes, crocodiles and water, released after 20 minutes, snowstorm after 30 minutes, and an explosion after 50 minutes.

Game Clear: Safely reach the GOAL in the allotted time. Game Over: Die in a trial or run out of time.


Shortly after the beginning of game, a bus can be found covered in the same graffiti the entrance had. The bus cannot move due to the belt being cut. In the glove compartment is a Japanese-English Dictionary.


The bus was the GOAL. It had the word GOAL spray painted in graffiti and the dictionary provides a translation for both “Goal” and “Runaway” (A victory that is easily obtained). The bus was extremely durable and had a heater, which would’ve allowed each player to survive the game. In this game, only the ones who didn’t ignore an “injured player” would’ve cleared it.


The biggest giveaway that something was wrong was the difficulty. The fact that the difficulty wasn't Spades and was a low Clubs even with the fairly difficult trials foreshadows at the easy solution.


  • The reason Kuzuryū chose to risk his life as a citizen was due to his desperate search for answers regarding human morality and ideals. Would someone be willing to help him? Does that kind of person exist? These are the questions he wanted answers to.
  • This was the only game in the series where its solution is actually directly alluded to in its title.


Entrance to the Four of Clubs

First trail: Cheetah

Second trial: Crocodiles

Third trial: Blizzard

Fourth trial: Explosion

The bus was the GOAL

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