Four of Clubs: Runaway Edit

This game takes place in a tunnel and was overseen by Keiichi Kuzuryū. Shortly after the beginning of game, a bus can be found covered in the same grafitti the entrance had. The bus cannot move due to the belt being cut. It was completed by an unnamed female player.

Rules Edit

  • The tunnel is 10 kilometers long.
  • The players must endure the four trials and reach the goal to clear the game.
  • The four trials are a cheetah, which is released after 10 minutes, crocodiles and water, released after 20 minutes, frigid wind and temperatures after 30 minutes, and an explosion after 50 minutes.

The bus has the word Goal on it in graffiti and has a dictionary with the description of runaway within it. The bus was capable of allowing each player to survive the game.

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