Alice in Borderland Wiki

The First Stage is the first phase of games in the Borderlands. It begins once the first players and dealers begin arriving at the world after the prior citizens finished initial preparations.

During the First Stage, players and dealers coexist and can interact, with the former unknowing of the existence of dealers. New people gradually arrive each day. The only games that can occur are games showing the 40 numbered pip cards, ace-10 in each suit. In the games, the players try to achieve Game Clear. If they die, then it’s Game Over. If all players participating in a game dies, then the card cannot be collected. The card showcases the type and difficulty of the game; Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and Hearts mean games of teamwork, physical strength, intelligence, and psychology respectively. The number marks the difficulty, with the higher cards becoming harder exponentially. Dealers facilitate the games. They set up the game venues, operate the games while players are playing, and clean up any dead bodies. If players clear the game they’re supervising, or if they reveal the existence of dealers, it’s Game Over for them.

Games start after sunset. Almost all games have a time limit. Some games also have a player limit/requirement and a Game Clear prize, and many also have additional set-up rules. However, the difficulty of the game isn’t revealed until after registration.

Players and dealers both have visas. Players earn visa days based on the difficulty of the games they complete. Dealers earn days based on the number of players they kill. If the visa expires, the owner of the visa is killed. This ensures people are constantly playing games.

To advance to the Second Stage, there are 2 possibilities; for the players to advance, they need to beat all 40 pip card games. This doesn’t have to be done by a single person, nor will all the cards have to be in someone’s possession. For the dealers to advance, they have to kill every players through the games.

After one of two outcomes occur, the Second Stage begins after the Interval.