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Game 1: Three of Clubs is the first OVA episode in the Alice in Borderland anime series.


Ryōhei Arisu and his friends Chōta Segawa and Daikichi Karube are hanging out when they witness a fireworks show. But things take a weird turn when one of the fireworks causes a giant explosion that can be seen even from space.

Suddenly, Arisu and his friends wake up on a beach. After roaming the streets, they deduce that they're in a post-apocalyptical Tokyo. Hungry, they go searching for food, but Arisu isn't interested in satisfying his hunger. He wants to explore this new place that has made him more excited than he's ever been in his entire life.

Arisu and Chota believe that they are in a fantasy world, a dream world. But Daikichi thinks otherwise. He thinks that everything they're experiencing is real and not in their minds. But Arisu and Chota dismiss him, consequently pissing Daikichi.

Suddenly, the trio hears weird noises and follows it to a festival. But unbeknownst to them, it's the start of a dangerous game. A woman called Saori Shibuki appears in front of them and explains to them that they will undoubtedly die if they don't take this game seriously. A female voice explains the rules of the game. And Shibuki, although she doesn't want to, is paired with the three boys.

Out of nowhere, flaming arrows fly at them. Chōta and Arisu are scared, because they almost died and ask for Shibuki's help. She does but also reveals the cruel rules of this dangerous game.

Arisu is scared to the point he's paralyzed, it takes a kick to his behind from Daikichi for him to accept the situation that they're in and run from the flaming arrows. Chōta gets an arrow in the leg. But luckily, Daikichi is there to save him.

The game continues, but now Arisu is motivated to live and takes the leader's role and deciphers how to win the game.

They arrive in an underground bunker, where they receive a notification that they've won the game. All of them are happy to make it out alive. The players receive Visa points for winning the game.

After leaving the bunker, Ashibuki explains more about this new world and the rules they must follow to survive.

After walking for what seems like hours, Chota runs into an old man who is on the last day of his Visa. A green beam appears from the sky and immediately kills the crazy old man, leaving only a pool of blood behind.