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Enji Matsushita
Japanese name 松下 苑治
Romaji Matsushita Enji
Alias Enji (エンジ)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Deceased: Decapitated by explosive collar after losing Jack of Hearts
Specialty Hearts
Occupation Hypnotherapist
Affiliation Citizen
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Chapter 44
"I just want to watch the killing show without mistakes and in total safety!"
—Enji in the manga Chapter 48

Enji Matsushita is the Jack of Hearts in the borderlands.


Enji has slightly curly, chin length black hair; with long bangs worn over his right eye. He is average height, and has a very angular face with defined cheekbones. He wears a blazer (that looks a size too small) over a tshirt, and vans-style slip on shoes.


Matsushita is depicted as a selfish, arrogant man who prides himself in being "in control" behind the scenes. He believes in the art of hypnotism and basks in being an eternal citizen in the Borderlands, where he could control and manipulate players to his content.


Jack of Hearts

Matsushita was the Jack of Hearts during the Face Card games in Alice in Borderland. The game was to survive amongst 19 other players, by correctly guessing the mark on the back of your own collar. Enji cheated this system by wearing a prosthetic eye with a monitor that displays the same symbol as the collar, ensuring his survival in his game. He succeeded in killing off most of the game's players; with the exception of two, Yaba Ouki and Banda Sunato. These two end up teaming over their connection with their love of the Borderlands, and desire to become citizens. Their "equality" leads them to torture Enji for information about the Borderlands while staying within the game rules. By the end of that round, Enji chooses to kill himself by intentionally saying the wrong mark, rather than continue being tortured by the other two.