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Diamonds is one of the four types of games played in the Alice in Borderland series. Diamonds means games of Intelligence.

Diamond games include logic, rationality, numbers, math, and probability. Often times, these games involve solving a riddle or playing a tabletop game involving luck and strategy, such as blackjack or mahjong. The higher difficulty Diamond games which involve strategy games tend to be zero-sum and/or non-cooperative, resulting in only one winner. Likewise, these games also tend to have attributes of Hearts too. Reading the rationality of others and exploring both their mental strengths and weaknesses are common necessities.


Diamond games take place in the smallest venues, and all involve no physical activity, just intense mental effort. In addition, they all seem to be indoors. A common element in competitive Diamond games is being hanged upon game over, as seen in the Six of Diamonds and a brief game of Othello.

Another theme of Diamond games is that their tone and tone tend to be more formal, and venues are grander. Examples of this are the high-end restaurant that hosted the Six of Diamonds, as well the King of Diamonds which took place in the Japanese Supreme Court. This is likely due to Keiichi Kuzuryū’s personality.

List of Known Games


The following are characters whose speciality is Diamonds in order of appearance:


  • Diamonds has the fewest number of known games.