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Dealer operation center

Dealers (でぃいらぁ) are the opposite of the players in Alice in Borderland. They primarily work in the secret operation center which is inaccessible to the players. Like the players, they are immigrants sent from the original world cluelessly who rely on a valid visa to survive in the Borderland, but dealers extend their visa expiry date by causing player's death in the game setup by them. One player's death equals to 1 more day. If any player "clears" (survives) the game, it means "game over" (death) to the dealer of that game. Usually one dealer is assigned to setup one game (with no clue on who designs the game), but in some cases, 2 dealers are assigned to the task, such as Witch-Hunt. Although the game venue is segregated during game time, dealer who is not required to directly participate can leave the venue midway via the secret exclusive passage.

Besides setting up games and monitoring, dealers are also in charged of cleaning up dead bodies left in the games. They are given most details of the borderland (except for its true mastermind, purposes and method of departure) in the first day of arrival. Dealers can get in touch with the players during daytime, but their identity must be kept secret, otherwise the leaker (or player who gets too close to the truth during the first stage) will be instantly killed by the laser from the sky.

Dealers are only responsible to the numbered/pip card games, the so-called "first stage". If all pip cards are won by the players, all dealers are eliminated after the announcement of the second (face card) stage. So far there are only 2 dealers identified in the story with the rest mostly shown in silhouette, they are Asahi Kujō and Momoka Inoue. Horse Head (2 individuals in the live action series) appears in the Five of Spades is also a dealer as he possesses the map indicating the position of the dealer operation center.

The people who are responsible to the face card games are "citizens".