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Daikichi Karube is one of the characters in Alice in Borderland. He is portrayed by Keita Machida.




Karube is scrappy, aggressive, and loyal to his friends. He is willing to get physical in the games in order to clear them and sustained an injury during Five of Spades while fighting Horse Head.

In a flashback, he's shown working at a pub with his girlfriend, who he plans on proposing to.

He is also willing to sacrifice for his friends as shown in the Seven of Hearts game, where he switches from hunting the wolf to allowing his friend Arisu to stay the wolf as he values their friendship.


Before Borderlands

Karube is first introdued kissing the barmaid, Emi. While she’s on duty her boyfriend, the boss of the bar, arrives and witnesses the scene resulting in him punching Karube. He is then fired on the spot. After he is fired, Arisu texts him and Chota to meet up. As the trio begin messaging each other, they decide to meet in front of the station. With the three together, they deliberatly decide over where to go from there as talk turns to Chota joking about a sudden zombie invasion. Karube says that if it were to happen, Arisu would survive. Karube hoists Arisu up onto his shoulders, running into a crowd of people. By messing around they cause a car accident and earns them the attention of the authorities. To escape they take shelter in a bathroom stall inside Shibuya Station. The power goes out they exit the station and find themselves in a completely empty streets of Shibuya.

Three of Clubs

They look around the abandoned city, but find no one. In the night as they sit at Shibuya Crossing, trying to stop Arisu and Chota from joking around, suddenly a screen flashes on a building informing them that will commence in a moment. An arrow directs them to the GM Building where the game will take place. Shibuki and another girl join the game. As the registration closes he and the others find out that the game is called “Dead or Alive” and that they are playing for the 3. To win he and the other players need to select the correct door within the stipulated time limit and get out the building. Shibuki urges them to choose the “live” door, but when the girl does so, she’s shot dead. he and the others make it through the “Die” door and immediately confront Shibuki. In the third room, a punch to the face by him jogs Arisu's memory over the car outside, he’s able to figure out the rough shape and dimensions of the building. Once outside, they receive a 3 day visa just before a man stumbles into the alleyway, yelling that he’s done with the games before he’s executed with a red laser through through the skull. Realizing their visas correlate to the amount of time they are allowed to stay alive and that they need to play to survive.

Five of Spades


Seven of Hearts


Karube's fate during the Seven of Hearts

In a flashback during this game, his girlfriend remarks how kind he is to Arisu and Chota. He thanks Arisu for the good memories before the game ends and the collar explodes, killing him.

Games Played


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