Daikichi Karube
Daikichi Karube
Japanese Name 苅部大吉 (カルベ)
Rōmaji Name
Age 19
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Status Deceased
Occupation Bartender
Voice Actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki (OVA)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Daikichi Karube


Karube is shown to have light blond hair that is shaved. He often has his eyebrows furrowed and is seen wearing his button shirt with a chained necklace most of the time.



Prior to Borderland, he is a high school student who dropped out of school during his early school days. He used to be classmates with both Arisu and Chouta. After dropping out of school, he started working at a pub where Arisu and Chouta often visits to see Karube.

He is Ryōhei Arisu and Chouta Segawa best friend. He became close with both of his best friend when he saved them from a bunch of bullies.

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