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Clubs is one of the game types played in Alice in Borderland series. Clubs are a game of Balance.

Clubs, unlike the other game types, focus on the essential cooperative nature of the players or focus on a balance of the other 3 required suits of the Borderlands (physical, intelligence, and psychological). Each game of Clubs have multiple players who can all survive if they work together. Some Clubs games (Like Four of Clubs and the Netflix Three of Clubs) hint at elements of betrayal, similar to Hearts games, in order to throw the players off. Another 2 extremely vital parts of Clubs games are strategy and observation. In lower Clubs games, there are often simple solutions to games should players be observant enough to find them.


Of all the Clubs games seen in the manga, they all take place outdoors in some of the largest venues seen in the entire series. The Clubs games that take place indoors seen in the adaptation all take place in massive indoor buildings too. Overall, the venue of these games tend to be amongst the largest and most open of all the other suits.

In addition, many of these venues tend to have a playful atmosphere. An example is the highly festive lantern park that hosted the Three of Clubs, providing free food and candy, as well as the Four of Clubs that featured highly artistic graffiti.

Known Games


The following are characters whose speciality is Clubs in order of appearance:


  • Clubs games have been said to involve relatively less danger than the other suits.
  • They are also known to be the easiest suit.