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Major citizens

Citizens (Japanese: 国民, lit. Kokumin) are the victors of the previous cycle who choose to stay in the Borderlands.


Like the players and dealers, citizens were originally immigrants from the original world, they did not return to the home world after their victory but remain in the Borderland. All citizens represent the 12 "face cards" according to their specialties with the exception of Ginji Kyūma (King of Clubs)' fellows who act as his teammates. They are not bound to the expiry date of the visa as they have already obtained permanent residency, but like dealers, if the players triumph in their respective games, it means death to them. Citizens provide the face card games in the second stage, but they are shown actively present and participating in the pip card (first stage) games like Keiichi Kuzuryū or merely for observation like Mira Kanō.

It is not known if the dealers are fully aware of the existence of the citizens prior to the revelation during the intermission, as Asahi Kujō and Momoka Inoue, the 2 dealers of the Witch-Hunt game did not recognize Kuzuryū and Mira in the intended arena. But Mira is implied to be commanding in the dealers' observation center by ordering to change the difficulty of Witch-Hunt from the Five of Hearts to Ten of Hearts. Citizens are also able to act as the host to games instead of dealers, as Kuzuryū in the Four of Clubs (Runaway) had disguised himself as a player and acted as the game device which required other players to cooperate with him to achieve victory, which would have normally been the role of the dealer of that game, had they been the host of it. It’s also implied that Mira was the host of the Seven of Hearts, which would have resulted in the death of a dealer, due to the nature of the game.

Citizens' games are also special in that the players can begin the game at anytime (instead of after sunset), they are informed of the genre and difficulty (but not details) of the game before entering the respective arenas via blimps which suspend the gigantic card in the air. The only exception is the King of Spades in which the whole Borderland acts as the arena until someone successfully kills the hosting citizen.

List of Known Citizens

Old Immigration Period

New Immigration Period