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King of Clubs (5) is the thirty-seventh chapter of Alice in Borderland manga series.


Ryōhei Arisu finally pinpoints what makes Ginji Kyūma a King in the game - his ability to be positive even in the most dire situations. He adopts the same mentality when approaching his group and proposes a new mindset by harnessing the strengths of his teammates. However, Kōdai Tatta having witnessed the opponent's attack on team Arisu's Base still fears their team's inability to be as willingly committed to the team's cause especially when their lives are at stake. Arisu points out that this is indeed true but highlights that the only way to beat the King in his game is to do the same by putting aside their fears and going crazy with their plan no matter how risky it may be. Unconvinced, Tatta choses to stay behind while the rest proceed with the plan. Despite having the least number of points, Yuzuha Usagi insists on playing an active role to be a distraction in drawing an opponent away from their base.

Not having seen any members from Arisu's team while guarding their Base, Kyūma's team starts to wonder what the player's plans are. Usagi emerges standing on the top of a container and is easily spotted by Gōken Kanzaki. She starts to tempt him with a game of chase and successfully lures him away from his team. Kanzaki's ability to parkour helps him close the gap between himself and Usagi. However, with a newfound motivation to stay alive for Arisu, Usagi successfully dodges all Kanzaki's attacks and avoids Battle completely until she reaches a dead end. At least four containers off the floor, Usagi is forced to either give in to Kanzaki or make the giant leap to a container on the opposite side. Picking the latter, she speeds up and goes for the jump, slamming into the container but managing to hang onto the ledge and hoist herself up. Kanzaki, in his state of ecstasy and overconfidence, tries to follow suit but fails to make the jump and instead slams into the container and falls. He wonders out loud why he failed make the same jump Usagi did.