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King of Clubs (3) is the thirty-fifth chapter of Alice in Borderland manga series.


The chapter continues the game of Osmosis. As Ryōhei Arisu deduced, Ginji Kyūma's team indeed divided their points evenly for the game.

Niragi & Usagi

Suguru Niragi and Yuzuha Usagi run into two members of the opposing team. Engaging in a 2 versus 2 battle, team Arisu comes out on top with a combined score of 5,000 points versus their opponent's combined score of 4,000 points.

Arisu & Kuina

Meanwhile, as they were wandering around, Hikari Kuina comes across a container that opens to reveal only a box with a sensor. The sign above it instructs that the first person to touch it would obtain the item. As per the plan, the individual with the lower points would claim the item. Kuina touches the sensor, gaining 2,000 points in the process.

Point Distribution (Arisu's Team)
Name Points


Gain/Loss Points


Suguru Niragi 4,700 +250 4,950 Battle
Ryōhei Arisu 5,100 - 5,100
Yuzuha Usagi 300 +250 550 Battle
Hikari Kuina 300 +2,000 2,300 Found item
Kōdai Tatta 100 - 100
Grand Total 10,500 +2,500 13,000

Point Distribution (Kyūma's Team)
Name Points


Gain/Loss Points


Ginji Kyūma 1,500 - 1,500
Gōken Kanazaki 2,000 - 2,000
Uta Kisaragi 2,000 -250 1,750 Battle
Sōgo Shitara 2,000 -250 1,750 Battle
Takumi Maki 2,000 - 2,000
Grand Total 9,500 -500 9,000

Arisu's Base

Majority having engaged in battles, Arisu, Kuina, Niragi and Usagi return to the Base. The atmosphere is cheery and positive as Arisu's team is in the lead. Kuina proposes to split from Arisu to be an independent searcher. Arisu, keeping in mind the piece of advice from Kyūma, proposes to pair with Usagi during their next venture out. He apologises for his rash actions and their dynamic reverts to its original state.

Kōdai Tatta, who has remained at the Base as the goalkeeper throughout this entire time, continues to feel increasingly demoralised by Niragi's harsh words claiming that he is useless.

Kyūma's Base

Kyūma's team, currently 4,000 points behind Arisu's team, starts to ponder their current predicament. Gōken Kanzaki suggests coming up with a better plan as their equal division of points has left them in a difficult position. Kyūma casts his insane plan up for a vote and the team reaches a unanimous decision to proceed with it. In order to decide who would stay to be the goalkeeper of their Base, they played a classic game of rock paper scissors. With Uta Kisagari left behind as the goalkeeper, the other four men proceed to initiate their plan. They head over to Arisu's base, where Tatta is left alone.

Arisu, Usagi, Kuina and Niragi are at a distance when they hear that there has been a change of points. They look up at the scoreboard to see that their team gained 10,000 points, putting them at 23,000. However, it dawned on them that Team Kyūma has mysteriously gained 20,000 points, putting them at 29,000 in comparison.