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Chōta Segawa
Chouta Segawa.png
Japanese name 勢川 張太
Romaji Segawa Chōta
Alias Chōta (チョータ)
Age 18
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color
Status Deceased: Decapitated by explosive collar after losing Seven of Hearts
Specialty None
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Player
Voice Actor Tsubasa Yonaga (OVA, Japanese)

Yoshimasa Hosoya (Anime, Japanese)
Greg Ayres (English)

Manga Debut Chapter 1


Chōta Segawa is Arisu Ryouhei and Daikichi Karube's best friend. Together with Arisu and Karube, Chōta witnessed the "firework" and passed out, only to come to in the seemingly mysterious world of the Borderland.

Life in the Borderland

When the trio bumped into a woman named Saori Shibuki, she tells them, "You have already entered your game." before the Three of Clubs game begins. The players must draw a query. Then a question comes up for said drawer. Upon correct answer, usually numbers, they are spared. However, if they answer a question wrongly, the answer's corresponding number leads to the same number of Flaming Arrows to be fired upon them. Shibuki answers wrongly, and instead, 450 arrows are fired upon them. Chōta did not survive unscathed, as an arrow hit him on the lower leg, much to his horror. Eventually, they survive and take refuge at a nearby hospital, with Chōta managing to catch a fish to supply their dinner.

In the hospital, Arisu finds out about "Visas" which tells how many days you have left in the Borderland. Once it goes out, a laser from the sky reaches you and kills you. To increase, you must participate in a game and survive. Learning that everyone except Shibuki has 3 days only, Arisu and Karube head to a nearby game venue, with Chōta and Shibuki staying back due to Chōta's injury. After the game, Shibuki, Chōta, Karube, and Arisu have a rather heated argument over leaving Shibuki and Chōta alone even though they were supposed to return to the hospital as soon as they survived.


As night fell, the four head to the next game venue, Seven of Hearts. Chōta was nervous about going in due to not knowing the elements and factors in the game, and that it could put the rest at a huge disadvantage. Once they got in, the radios in the venue spoke the game rules.

A game of Hide-And-Seek: One player is designated to be the "Wolf" and try to hide. The other 3 "Sheep" are told to find the Wolf and try to get the Wolf to look at the sheep. Once it does, the said sheep becomes the new Wolf. However, only the Wolf shall survive. At first, Chōta becomes the designated Wolf and passes it on to Shibuki. Shibuki being desperate for her life, she ran away from a berserk Karube who wanted to get the Wolf's title. However, Shibuki manages to escape from Karube's grasp but accidentally looks at Chōta, making him the new Wolf. With Karube and Shibuki down, Arisu undoubtedly chases after Chōta. Chōta, slowing down, looks back at Arisu, making him the new Wolf.

Arisu runs off and hides in some bushes, all the while degrading his friends and forcing himself to suppress any emotions. Suddenly, Arisu has a change of heart after realizing how Karube and Chōta were always there to support him through his tough times and decides to sacrifice himself. Despite Arisu having revealed his location, Karube and Chōta both withdraw, wanting not to shoulder the burden of their friends' life. Shibuki tried to approach Arisu, but just as she came close, Shibuki then realizes that she herself just can't bring herself to kill her friends, even just for a few days.

With that, the 3 run and hide, with Karube reminiscing about his dreams, all the while Arisu sorrowfully runs and tries to find his friends or to find a loophole in the rules, but in the end, the limit runs out, and Karube, Chōta and Shibuki die by the collar, with a teary Arisu destroying the rewards.

When Arisu returns to real world it is revealed that Karube, Chōta, and Shibuki are dead.

Games Played

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